Wild herb cake in the district garden

Wild herb cake in the district garden

Next sunday, 19. August, it’s heib her in the district educational garden in oberhaid, the motto is: "alles wild oder was? From un-weed to gourmet plant".

Herbal padagogue and adventure guide rita popp (aka hagesuse) takes visitors on a tour of the wild herb cake.

Cooking over an open fire has been a fascinating affair for thousands of years. Especially nowadays, many people associate the smell of smoke and the crackling heat of the embers with deep-rooted longings.

Herbal padagogue popp invites you to join her in cooking simple and quick dishes from wild herbs. The visitors were surprised to see how the herb expert uses simple or newly discovered recipes to prepare our "green treasures of nature" processes.

Rita popp is supported by a surprise guest.

Soups are prepared from cauldrons or mashed vegetables like z.B. Lowenzahnwurzelgemuse and other delicacies directly from the iron pan. Recipes for cooking are on display. Admission to the teaching garden is at 13.30 o’clock, start at 14 o’clock. For the physical well-being provides the OGV oberhaid.

Admission is free as always, donations welcome.

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