Weisendorfers see where their help arrives

Weisendorfers see where their help arrives

Two delegations have traveled to zubza in nagaland, india, in the past few weeks. The partnership with the village in northern india, 7500 kilometers away, has now existed for more than twelve years. It was founded by elementary school students from weisendorf who wanted to support their peers. Over the years, the relationship has strengthened, and a few years ago a new school was built and a school partnership was established with the weisendorf school.

Both travel groups now visited this school, three years after the first visit. The first delegation was accompanied by weisendorf's mayor heinrich sub (UWG). The second visit, which is still ongoing, will take place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the. Anniversary of the parish of st. Maria goretti instead. Bishop thoppil already spent several days in seebachgrund in may.

The current zubza delegation was welcomed at the airport in dimapur by the new head pastor and rector, father joseph nellisseril. With two jeeps, the journey took two and a half hours on potholed and almost impassable roads to sechu-zubza.

The weisendorf group wants to find out about the projects completed in the last two years, among other things. One of the highlights will be the visit to the hornbill festival, the largest northeast indian cultural festival, in which 16 tribes will participate and present their culture.

A travel report from the first visit was written by delegation member heinrich schmidt. This group of five was also received at the airport in dimapur. There, hans rupprecht, a retired professional soldier from the upper palatinate, was waiting for the guests. During his four stays at the school, which have now lasted several months, he has provided advice and assistance with various tree removals, reports schmidt. After an endless five hours of bumpy roads, the passengers arrived "dog tired but happy" in the school at. Schmidt writes: "the happy songs, the shining eyes and the beaming faces of the 46 boarding school boys quickly forget the tiredness in their bones after almost 30 hours of travel."

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In the following, heinrich schmidt reports verbatim: "the program of the following three days was very tight: we visited the numerous tree removals in and around the school. We were pleased with the schoolchildren about brightly painted classrooms, new desks and benches in the eleventh grade, and the addition of a carousel to the playground and new paper baskets throughout the school grounds. We were infected by the joy of the children when we visited them in class. Despite the hardship and poverty, we met happy children who presented their songs with great pride.

However, our main concern was to visit as many godchildren as possible in their homes. We were shocked once again by the gross misery in the houses. Families live together in the most cramped, primitive conditions. During our tour of the village, we were also able to see for ourselves that weisendorf's donations do a lot of good. With a few euros, families here have been able to start a pig farm, some mothers offer home-grown plants for sale, a single mother has been able to open her own business and feed her children thanks to financial support. We were proudly presented the first successes of a small chicken rearing: the first hatched chickens.

During the presentation of the proceeds from the zubza run in the newly founded eleventh grade, mayor heinrich sub and father john vividly described with the help of a photo collage that we do not simply scoop financial aid out of our arms, but rather plan and carry out imaginative and timely projects, such as the charity run of the parish st. Joseph in may 2019. The girls and sisters of the girls' boarding school were pleased with the proceeds from the collection at the ecumenical service on the occasion of the church fair in august. They urgently need this money for the roofing of a washing drying place.

We experienced the need to give something in return and at the same time the regret of being left empty-handed. Whether in the boys' boarding school or in the smaller girls' home, we were gifted everywhere with joyful, loud songs from grateful children. However, we experienced the greatest gesture of solidarity at the so-called 'cultural day'. We were presented with woven vests and scarves in traditional costumes and enjoyed a colorful program of dancing and singing by the 570 or so students from all grades throughout the school for several hours.

Despite all the improvements made in recent years, despite the large number of children who are able to attend school thanks to the many school sponsorships and the classes at the weisendorf school, the need is still very great. We take away with us that there are other important projects, such as the renovation of the administrative wing of the pendant school in peducha, which is so damp and infested with mold, or the wish for a roof for the daily meeting place in front of the school in zubza, so that the girls and boys are no longer exposed to the weather in the rainy season in the future.

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