Warning strikes at eon: energy supply not impeded

Warning strikes at eon: energy supply not impeded

The warning strikes were scheduled to last 24 hours, but some employees returned to work after the rallies. A spokesman for the trade union verdi spoke of a total of more than 7000 participants, including at the grohnde nuclear power plant (lower saxony), in quickborn, at several sites in bavaria and at the scholven coal-fired power plant in gelsenkirchen. Warning strikes were also planned for the early afternoon at the brokdorf nuclear power plant in schleswig-holstein (2 p.M.). The union spokesman also assured that energy production would not be paralyzed.

The trade unions verdi and IG BCE are demanding a 6.5 percent pay rise for the 30,000 or so employees at eon and its subsidiaries and that all apprentices who have completed their training be taken on. Employers had previously offered 1.1 percent. "The mood is angry, we don’t want to be left to bleed any longer," said verdi spokesman volker stuber. Eon plans to cut 6,000 jobs and invest abroad. This must not be financed with low wage increases below the level of inflation.

The collective bargaining partners will meet this tuesday (15.1.) for the next round of negotiations in hanover together. If the employers do not submit a significantly higher offer, the employee representatives are threatening an open-ended labor dispute. This was a novelty in the energy industry.

Eon is in a "difficult economic situation," a company spokesman said last week. The tariff result must comply with these framework conditions. In 2011, the group made losses in the billions for the first time in its history. For the first three quarters of 2012, eon once again reported a significant increase in consolidated net income to a good three billion euros. However, due to weak demand for electricity, the energy giant cut its profit forecasts for the coming years.

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