Tuschnitz celebrates the establishment of its lowland castle 700 years ago

Tuschnitz celebrates the establishment of its lowland castle 700 years ago

Veronika schadeck tuschnitz- a true piece of history will be brought to life for all generations this weekend in tuschnitz. The inhabitants of the kupser village are celebrating "700 years of tuschnitz castle".

What is now a niederungsburg? As burgermeister bernd rebhan explained, this is a castle that stands in the lowlands, in this case on the aue. Most of the castles, such as rosenberg fortress or lauenstein castle, stood on high ground.

700 years ago, in 1319, the foundation stone was laid in the form of a wooden foundation. The special thing about it, according to the mayor, is that the foundation walls were only discovered a few years ago. As rebhan further explained, the company otto muhlherr had wanted to build houses on this flat site in 1990. It was rather by chance that they stumbled upon the remains of the foundations. Rebhan is still relieved today that the municipality was able to take over these plains at that time. Then, together with the district of kronach and the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments, the foundations were uncovered.

Rebhan is somewhat proud when he says: "the foundations are unparalleled in their state of preservation in bavaria – they are so well preserved!". This is known from the dissertation of the then excavation director birgit munz.

Rebhan speaks of research that has shown that the niederungsburg was built in five construction phases, namely in the years 1319 to 1632, and destroyed in the thirty years’ war. A variety of materials made of stone, metal and wood were found. The ceramics can be divided into 15 material groups, ranging from 14 to 15. Until 17. Century in use were. In addition, riding and rust tools, nails, tools, keys, glass and wooden vessels were found. Based on the numerous small finds, it has now also been possible to reconstruct the everyday life of the castle’s inhabitants at the time, rebhan explains. The castle was built by the noble family of redwitz. In 1626, the von kunsberg family acquired the manor house. The community wants to exhibit the historical remains of the niederungsburg in the future in a museum, which is to be built in the upper castle in kups in the house schemenau. A few months ago, a feasibility study was presented in the municipal council for this purpose.

"Ruin party" at the start

Now, however, they will first celebrate right next to the ruins of the niederungsburg castle. The opener is on friday, 12. July, with a "ruin party" to match the occasion. The party hits will be spinning on the platter since 1319. In addition, there will be fireworks with the onset of darkness. On saturday evening the "band livehaftig" plays. Highlight on sunday will be the ecumenical tent service and at 2 p.M. The lecture in the multi-purpose house on the topic of "700 years of the niederungsburg tuschnitz" its. Speaker is the archaologist thomas liebert.

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