Trump’s ex-security adviser flynn admits to lying to fbi

Trump's ex-security adviser flynn admits to lying to fbi

Donald trump’s ex-confidant and national security adviser, michael flynn, is under indictment in the russia affair. Flynn made a confession as recently as friday to making false statements to the FBI about his russia contacts.

The indictment alleges knowing and premeditated substitution. Flynn is now cooperating with fbi special investigator robert mueller’s office.

Background is false statements to the FBI. Flynn has been criticized for his contacts with russia and had to resign after only a few weeks in office. In his contacts with russia, he was in direct contact with high and very high representatives of the trump camp, according to the indictment. One of the people not named in the indictment is believed to have been trump’s son-in-law jared kushner, according to media reports.

The white house loved to immediately declare through trump attorney ty cobb that flynn had acted for himself, no other persons were affected by the implication. However, as friday progressed, there were growing indications that flynn had been in contact with russian officials on behalf of "very senior" people in the trump administration. Trump himself initially did not comment on the development.

The FBI’s questioning of flynn is said to have been about whether flynn had discussed U.S. Sanctions against russia during a meeting with sergei kislyak, then russia’s ambassador to washington. The meeting had taken place in december 2016, after trump’s election but before he took office. Flynn had initially kept the meeting completely quiet. Acting president at the time in question was barack obama.

Russia’s attitude to a UN resolution on israel’s settlement policy is also said to have been discussed. Flynn had tried to persuade representatives of several countries on the U.N. Security council not to vote for the resolution. At the same time, trump himself had been openly critical of the resolution condemning israel’s settlement policy. Flynn’s request had ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Last week, reports surfaced that flynn’s lawyers were no longer cooperating with president donald trump’s legal team. This was taken as an indication that a statement by flynn was imminent.

Federal bureau of investigation accuses flynn of acting knowingly, intentionally and with intent to cover up. He is alleged to have said in an FBI interrogation on 29. Flynn on january denied that he had spoken with the russian ambassador to urge russia to respond moderately to new U.S. Sanctions imposed by the obama administration. This would be unlawful interference in U.S. Foreign policy.

Flynn becomes second high-ranking member of trump camp to face charges in russia affair. Previously, trump’s former campaign chairman paul manafort had already been targeted by the judiciary. His political advisor in the election campaign, george papadopoulos, has already pleaded guilty to making false statements.

With flynn’s indictment, trump also jolts further into center of russia affair. Flynn was one of trump’s closest advisers on security and foreign policy issues in the early days of his presidency until he resigned. The national security adviser, currently herbert raymond mcmaster, is one of the central figures in the u.S. Government.

Flynn himself said in a statement that he takes full responsibility for his actions. His confession was in the interest of his family and the country, he explained. "I am working to set the record straight," the statement continues. He wants to cooperate with special investigator mueller. To this end, flynn also signed a cooperation agreement that, while not binding on the court, promises him a prison sentence of no more than six months and a fine of no more than $9500 if convicted.

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