Top training is rewarded

top training is rewarded

In a cellar on the rehberg lives a witch who specializes in career prophecies for young people. Two perplexed young men taste her magic potion and suddenly know exactly where to go: a suit and tie jumps out of the pot, along with a training contract at the sparkasse.

Trainees had a free hand

The trainees at the kulmbach-kronach savings bank came up with the story and, together with the film club of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium, turned their idea into an image film for training at the savings bank. One of the two main roles was played by tim partridge: "it was great fun, because we had a free hand to a large extent in what we did with the task." The 20-year-old, however, had imagined the project to be easier: "it's unbelievable what you have to pay attention to. Nevertheless, in the end it turned out much better than we had all expected."

With this project, the company applied for the kulmbach training prize, which is awarded jointly by the school-business working group and the bayerische rundschau newspaper. The original idea, which was implemented very well using simple means, convinced the jury, and so yesterday evening the chairman of the working group michael pfitzner presented the prize for "best practice" to the film team as well as training manager beate kofer and human resources manager heiko reuther: "the film project of the savings bank is the ideal case of how a company can attract young talent. The trainees have created an image film on their own initiative with a clever concept and in cooperation with a school and amateur actors that appeals to young people."

Twelve trainees have taken care of the project. And although there are only two actors besides the witch cosima asen from the "buschklopfer", there are only a few people in the "buschklopfer" everyone made their contribution when they stood in front of the camera. Lucie fehn (18) was responsible for the "flap", philip laaber (19) took care of the catering for the whole team. "It was a great experience", both say, and are proud of their team performance.
Annette kurz-mahringer is also proud of her team. The hairdresser from marktschorgast received the award for the company with the most apprenticeships – measured by the number of employees subject to social insurance contributions: of seven employees in her salon, three are apprentices.

Since annette kurz-mahringer set up her own business in 2000, she has trained all her employees herself. "It helps me meet my own quality standards and the expectations of my customers."

Long-term perspective

She wants to give her apprentices not only a good education, but also a long-term perspective in her company and therefore invests in an extensive training program: "i want to help them to get ahead."

What demands does the salon manager place on her trainees?? "You must be willing to learn, have talent and good manners." Before the apprenticeship at kurz-mahringer there is always an internship. Theresa schiphorst (1. Teaching year), gina hilpert (2. Year of apprenticeship) and laura wanka (3. The apprentices are happy that they were able to do their apprenticeship with annette kurz-mahringer. "We get a lot of opportunities, internal training, but also international training and once a month an academy training day in erlangen.", says 17-year-old laura, who appreciates this special challenge very much.

The school-business working group and the bayerische rundschau also find annette kurz-mahringer's commitment to training exemplary. Deputy BR editorial director katrin geyer presented the award. "Even very small companies have a chance to win the training award", she emphasized, as the number of trainees is considered in relation to the size of the company.
Congratulations to the honorees from district administrator klaus peter sollner.

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