The red moor: a jewel in the high rhon

the red moor: a jewel in the high rhon

The book deals with the history and geology, the habitat of unique species of plants and animals, the preservation of untouched nature, its importance for education and research, natural and cultural history, climate protection, recreation and leisure time.
Government president lubcke described the publication on the red bog as a scientific treatise, but one that appeals not only to experts, but to the entire population. The stories and legends about the red moor, which can be found at the end of the book, are a special enrichment, as well as the many pictures, which underline and emphasize the development of the moor and its importance.
Lubcke thanked all the actors in the biosphere reserve who are working to protect and preserve the red moor. "We must do everything we can to preserve this jewel in the high rhon." The publication, which he hopes will further raise public awareness of nature conservation and the red moor, shows that those involved are putting their hearts and minds into the project.
"Local history, past and present are dealt with in the book about the red moor. Thus an important contribution is made for nature protection and native understanding", the first district councillor of fulda, alfred metz, announced. A deep research and accuracy make the book indispensable for the professional world, said torsten raab of the hessian administration of the biosphere reserve rhon. It is a real treasure trove for experts, but also for interested laymen who want to delve deeper into the history and significance of the red bog.

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