The potential for conflict is high

The use of wind power was the topic of the town council meeting in burkardroth. After the committee had agreed on the basic use of wind power in march of last year, a meeting was held on 25 march. In september 2012, it was decided to conduct a qualified site search.
With the consideration of the municipal area, the buro arc.Grun from kitzingen commissioned. As a result, potentially suitable areas were expertly identified and delineated. Dipl.-ing. (FH) gudrun rentsch presented possible sites and explained the potential uses of wind power in these areas.
Among other things, the residential environment of the population was included in the study. Auberdem also possibly existing biotopes, species worthy of protection etc. As well as the wind speed, which is an indicator of how much energy can be generated per wind turbine. Rentsch's overview also considered the impact on the landscape, visibility, impact on tourism and landscape protection.
Five areas in the burkardroth market were tested in the process. Site 1 was the basalt plant northwest of gefall. "The potential for conflict is high here.", the expert remarked. Although the wind farm was satisfactory, protected areas bordered directly on the site. Eagle owl, red kite and bat were in this area. Rentsch spoke here of visual storwirkungen for the location langenleiten and the recreational uses, which is why this location is less suitable.
This is no different for the site west of stangenroth near the landfill site. In addition to the quail cone, black grouse and hazel grouse were found here. Furthermore, it is a landscape reservation area. Rentsch also saw a visual impact here, which is why she assessed the conflict potential of this area as medium to high. The situation is similar in location area 3 between waldfenster and the square on the B 286. Here, too, bordering directly on protected areas, the visual impact was enormous.
Site area 4 between waldfenster and oehrberg offers a medium potential for conflict. However, the red kite also lives here, and there are hazel grouse and bats. In addition, the premium hiking trail suffers from the visual impact of wind turbines.
The situation is similar at the premich site near the elevated tank. There is a structurally rich cultural landscape here, which has a high significance for landscape-related recreation. The high to medium conflict potential of this site is also due to the fact that red kite and bats are native to this area. Not to forget the disturbance of the recreational uses in this area.

Searching across the community
"All in all, the sites in the area of the wind farm are good sites, but they are conflict-ridden", rentsch summarized. A more in-depth study would be necessary to be able to say more about this. She recommended finding community-wide sites. However, if further planning is to be carried out at the above-mentioned sites in burkardroth, it would also be essential to visualize the optical effects of wind turbines using models.
Mayor waldemar bug (odp) did not see any need for a decision at the meeting on whether to vote yes or no on the use of wind power. "It is important to investigate the wind farm situation in these areas more concretely", he said.
Councilman emil muller (CSU) had a different view. He argued that nature reserves should be excluded from wind power use from the outset. "I am very surprised that nature conservation areas have been included at all in the present planning", he said. Johannes schlereth (wahlergemeinschaft waldfenster) was glad that an investigation took place. "For us it is important that we are optimally informed here – the investigation presented today is the right step for this", he found.
The meeting also discussed the award of contracts for the construction of the new fire station in stangenroth earthwork, masonry and concrete work discussed. The most economical offer with about 190 000 euro had the company brandl-bau gmbh& co. KG, which was unanimously awarded the contract. The carpentry, roofing and tinsmith work will be carried out by natura-haus from oberleichtersbach for around 53,000 euros. As mayor waldemar bug informed, the government has already promised to demand two parking spaces at the fire station with 93 000 euro.

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