The municipality has problems with its “herrschaftsfeld” building area

The municipality has problems with its 'herrschaftsfeld' building area

At its most recent meeting on monday, the municipal council once again refused to approve the construction of a new residential building with parking spaces in the "herrschaftsfeld" area. With the exception of mayor martin rauscher (uwn), the committee rejected the building application. It took the position that the deviations from the development plan were too significant, as the requested eaves height of 8.29 meters was too excessive. The problem: in the same building area already exemptions were approved.

The case is viewed differently by the lower building supervisory authority of the district office, whose representative had inspected the property and determined that the change to the "herrschaftsfeld" development plan was not necessary had gone very unhappily. In the case of a further change, due to the topographical situation, it would probably no longer be possible to build a house in the approval exemption procedure. "Setting a maximum eaves height of six meters is hardly feasible with two full stories", the representative of the building supervisory authority stated.

Now the district office has to decide on a building permit and the further procedure, although the municipality has already been asked to review and reconsider its earlier decision.

Containers during the new construction

The building application of the evangelical-lutheran church congregation passed the stage with greater success. The municipal council gave its consent to the construction of containers at the existing kindergarten. These are expected to remain there for three years until a new kindergarten is built.

Dieter raab was sworn in as field juror by mayor martin rauscher. Rauscher described raab as an expert who feels bound to the secrecy of the sevens, i.E., to secrecy for life.

Rauscher informed the meeting that the old fire station had been sold to the highest bidder. Furthermore, the mayor informed about a letter of the bavarian state minister for economics and regional development, hubert aiwanger (), which states that new designations of settlement areas should be handled sparingly and that value should be placed on the inner development of villages. A new trailer for the building yard will not be purchased, was announced in the meeting. If necessary, a trailer, which is not needed too often, could be borrowed. A new trailer has come at a considerable cost. Dav

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