Team of circular department stores looks forward to the reopening

Updated infection control regulations allow, as of today, the reopening of stores and department stores whose sales areas do not exceed 800 square meters and whose operators ensure further appropriate mantraining to avoid infection with covid-19.

What sounds so nuchtern is an enormous existential relief for all the shop owners and traders who had to stay closed for weeks on end. This is also the case for the employees and clients of the kreislauf-kaufhauser in herzogenaurach, eckental, bamberg and neustadt. Hochstadt is still excluded from the opening, as the sales area exceeds the 800 mark, the operators of the therapy facility laufer muhle announce.

Not only the department stores had to manage without any income at all during this time, but also most of the other social enterprises in the laufer muhle, such as the lebensmittelpunkt and the cafes. All in all, a major loss for the francophone inclusion company. Thanks to a great deal of creativity and volunteer initiatives, the company was able to make up for some of the losses: masks were sewn, for example, and thanks to many donors, it was possible to resume feeding the needy at the lebensmittelpunkt.

Employees have been trained

Now things are moving forward again for the department stores – and thus for the people in occupational therapy, i.E. A number of addicts, mentally ill and long-term unemployed people who are given a daily structure and meaningful employment in the social enterprises.

Of course, precautions had to be taken in advance and training had to be carried out. But now the circular merchandisers are prepared. There are posters with information about the distance and hygiene rules, the waiting zones were marked. Residents and employees were trained to keep their distance in the parking lots and in the store itself. The staff has been fitted with masks and an awareness has been created that the health of customers and the store team – residents in therapy, clients and staff – is paramount.

The store teams look forward to burying the regulars and perhaps new or curious customers. "That’s what we’ve missed most: talking to our customers and the pleasure we get from all the positive feedback," confirms the team, confirms the team. "We also missed the joy of the customers when they found a little treasure with us.".

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