Suspected burglary gang: witness almost gets himself caught

Suspected burglary gang: witness almost gets himself caught

Who owns the blue mercedes? The one that one of the accused is said to have financed by stolen goods? The car in which some of the accused were sitting when the police tracked them down? At the beginning of the trial, no one suspected that the question about the owner of the car would prompt a young man to take the stand, who almost got himself caught. In the end, only his family ties saved him.

"Relatives" was the keyword of this day: in the hall of the bamberger landgericht there were not many seats left in the audience area – wives, cohabitants, mother, father, children and acquaintances of the nine defendants had traveled from hungary to be present. The trial of the suspected burglary gang is slowly drawing to a close.

High loot and property damage
However, the second criminal division of the regional court did not pass a verdict yesterday in the mammoth trial. Nine hungarian statsburgers are accused – of aggravated gang theft in 29 cases. On their burglary tours in 2011 and 2012 through upper bavaria, the upper palatinate, saxony and franconia, they are said to have stolen around 820 euros.000 euros in loot. According to the indictment, the men caused property damage of about 46 million euros.000 euros.

They preferred to steal non-ferrous metal, cables, tools, diesel fuel and tires in rough style. The crime scenes were mainly construction sites and electrical companies as well as a tire dealer in bamberg. The suspected gang around attila H. They are said to have joined forces in order to obtain "a continuous and not inconsiderable source of income" through burglary, as it says in the indictment.

A police officer from bayreuth, who was called as a witness on yesterday's trial day, said in court: "the suspicion is close that attila H. His whole house financed by thefts." The police officer was himself in hungary and accompanied the police there when they searched objects connected with the nine defendants. All but one of the accused made partial confessions during the trial. The eight men are facing sentences of between three years and seven years and three months.

Witness related to defendant
A young man who allegedly owns the blue mercedes mentioned at the beginning of this article just escaped capture. The car is his property, not that of attila H. During his testimony, however, the young hungarian got entangled in considerable contradictions and did not withstand the court's questions. Allegedly not related to or related by marriage to any of the defendants.

He became more and more uncertain, finally the question came up whether the young man could read and write at all. "So the typical mercedes 270E driver", said presiding judge manfred schmidt. Attorney general martin dippold made it clear: "did you understand the instruction?? If you do not tell the truth here, I will have you arrested." It didn't come to that: after several inquiries by judge schmidt, the young man admitted that attila H. His uncle was. As a relative, he was thus able to exercise his right to refuse to testify.

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