Signs in the district of bad kissingen: dirty, useless or outdated…

How long the sign directly in front of the entrance to the "brewery by the lake" remained in place? In thulba already stands, the employee can also not say, but so far she has never noticed that the actual kernstuck is not used at all. A reader of this newspaper, on the other hand, has long wondered why the showcase in the center has remained empty for years. When asked, the brewery replied: "we could use the field, but we didn’t know that, and we don’t have a key yet." The leaseholders now want information either directly about the brewery or about the "wurzburger haus", which is also leased complete. One of several surprising turns of our inquiry.

Sign meanwhile hung

The issue was raised by incorrect signage in bad kissingen: even years after the tourist information center moved into the arkaden building, visitors were still being steered in the direction of the old town hall. "The sign at the rosengarten was corrected after their article and now points in the right direction", says silvia happ from the city of bad kissingen on inquiry. As a result, a reader sent us photos of the parking lot on the former B 27 in the middle of the neuwirtshauser forest: there, under the white "P", a sign is displayed a black "i" on a blue background information to. However, there is only one sign in the parking lot: the "frankens saalestuck" sign – without further explanation. According to the state building authority, the sign was there "until some time ago" an overview map. "We will now find out whether or when the information board will be reinstalled and, if necessary, remove the parking sign, informs the building authority.

Pachter: "that was a joke"

The references to the "autonomous mountain republic of klaushof" are curious near the wild park of bad kissingen. "A permission is not present for it", according to a statement from the town hall. "That was a joke, nothing more", norbert grohmer informs on request. The 66-year-old had leased the klaushof guesthouse for years. In october 2018, he already wanted to announce the contract with the city, but it still runs until the end of 2019. Nevertheless, grohmer stopped operating the restaurant and moved to a smaller restaurant in reiterswiesen. However, as a concession to the guests, he runs a kiosk at klaushof. "The guesthouse could have been open for a long time", grohmer is certain. Months ago, he had already been approached by interested parties, and now he is hoping for an award in two weeks’ time at the next meeting of the finance committee. The signs of the mountain republic will be taken down soon.

Many signs are simply outdated: at the uttrichshausen rest stop, for example, the state spa administration on the A 7 is advertising the state spa bad bruckenau. However, the board is dirty and shows two outdated logos: that of the state spa and, on a bottle, that of the "staatliche mineralbrunnen AG". "We are looking at it", announces the deputy spa director titus tesar. The erection and changing of billboards is often dependent on the operator. At least at the rhon rest area, the spa administration has recently put up new signs, he says. The new logo of the state spa will also be used there: in addition to the joint logo for the city and the state spa with the preserved rainbow, the spa administration has a golden logo with a "nobler impression", as tesar describes it. "We are moving away from the impression of the advertising brochure to a more restrained statement in our own products."

Sometimes outdated signs only come to light by chance: for example, an ancient poster is hanging on the back of the former train station in the bad bruckenau public baths. For a long time, no one saw this, but recently the rhonexpress bike path passed by there. "The railroad station was leased by us until the end of 2009 and was used until then as a haustrunkausgabestelle", reports ingo vialon, chairman of the board of the state mineral spring. However, the poster is probably even older, because the logos shown were already revised in 2007. "Ideally, then, all of the

Advertising materials, including billboards, need to be renewed.", says vialon. The poster at the formerly remote train station was probably simply overlooked. At our request it is now to be replaced soon.

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