Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

At the meeting of the oberaurach town council on thursday, it was decided that, as part of the renewal of the state road2274 between dankenfeld and schindelsee, the existing sidewalk at the exit of dankenfeld should be maintained. Construction work is already underway. The 300-meter-long footpath that leads to the "seesbuhl" junction is a very special one will not receive street lighting, explained mayor thomas sechser (CSU). At the suggestion of councilman klaus thomas, however, it will be examined whether empty pipes can be laid in order to facilitate a possible later extension with street lamps.

142 000 euro total cost

The total cost of the acceptance is approximately 142,000 euros, which includes the cost of land acquisition, surveying, and compensation for the state building office for taking over the planning, construction management, and other administrative tasks. An agreement to this effect has been concluded with the state building authority. The municipality is applying for a grant and is expected to receive a 60 to 65 percent subsidy from the state’s financial equalization funds.

After the municipal council had approved the draft building plan "behind the spring in kirchaich had decided in one of its last meetings, the formal procedure with the public participation and the hearing of the carriers of public interests was accomplished. No objections or comments were made during the public consultation. The opinions of the public authorities were presented by mayor sechser to the members of the municipal council, who took note of them. Necessary changes will be incorporated into the plan and the authorities will be given another opportunity to comment on them. The documents will also be made available for public inspection.

Three building applications and four preliminary building applications were each approved without a vote against. A special type of preliminary building application was also included: a builder from the district of bamberg intends to buy a residential building in the center of kirchaich and, after renovation, to use it as a so-called boarding house. Rooms or apartments with hotel-like services will be rented here.

What is a boarding house?

In contrast to a hotel, in a boarding house is planned a longer stay. The rooms will be used primarily by companies that send employees to the region for specific projects over a long period of time. The residential building is renovated and remains visually a residential building without significant structural changes. An adjacent warehouse is also to be extended with apartments. With the exception of cleaning, the builder offers no other services. In the rooms, independent budgetary management is envisaged.

Since, according to the administration, no refusal of the municipal consent is possible, the municipal council agreed to the project.

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