Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

In the discussion about the wish of a house owner in the moat to create parking spaces in front of his property, paul is now also quick to speak up. The manager of weka refers primarily to a statement by the district administration in which it declared that the listed ensemble in the moat would be disturbed by the department store (FT of 10 august). August, page 17).

"I did not want to get involved in this obvious official confusion. However, I would like to reject the assertion of the district office that the weka building is to blame for the fact that in the area of the disputed parking lot or the ditch, there is no beer brewing. There is no longer any ensemble worthy of note to protect. This ensemble did not exist before weka or did not exist anymore. The only noteworthy product was the ‘golden wagon’. It burned down during the second world war."

The weka building was built in several stages and in the main core it naturally bears the look "that was given to buildings in 1961 and which is also found in the neighborhood of the weka". Along johann-nikolaus-zitterstrabe it had been a flat-roofed building. Later, a second story and a gable roof were added here. "With each of these changes, an attempt was made to improve the appearance and to make the rather bulky structure appear smaller", emphasizes quickly.

Previously a factory building

The disputed point, the moat, had been adorned before weka with a dilapidated factory building where beer was brewed. "Whether this had been closer to the ensemble idea is in the eye of the beholder. We think that this was not the case", quickly explains. "Many citizens will notice that many things are not going well in our city. There are a lot of ruins standing around that no one has taken care of in years", quickly criticizes the policy in general. Thanks are owed to mr. Holzmann, without whose hotel commitment many things would have looked even worse in the upper city with the many renovated individual buildings.

"At our first address for guests arriving in the city – our rough parking lot kaulanger – we can afford to welcome them with beautiful indoor buildings whose overall appearance, however, signals "you’d better go back home", so quickly full of irony, which continues in the following sentences: "on one side a puny little toilet house, which is always very well maintained inside, and at the other end a glass disposal station. To make the ensemble complete, the wall of the building was decorated with a rough billboard." The parking lot surfaces are a patchwork, and the asphalt has already gone into composting in some places.

Much is in the way

A lot of things are going wrong in kronach fast. Many construction crimes have been committed. "I would like to refer here to the district office itself, the new town hall and also now to the renovation of the VHS building. With the latter one asks oneself, what wants to tell one the architect with this gebaudegewurfel? But this is not about the architect. It must also have approved a body and provided the funds for construction."

This quickly brings us to the weka building: "for the district administration to single out our building for criticism has no basis whatsoever." Certainly, one had a hotel in the 16. The building was not built in this way in the nineteenth century, and it is still being built today in a different variant. But care has always been taken to ensure that it blends in with the surrounding townscape. "Steep gables were considered, and when the building was extended in 1985, a rather flat-angled roof was turned into a building with several steep gables. The same happened in 1981 with the building extension in the moat."

Attention paid to the overall picture

In 2009, weka acquired a fallow area between stadtgraben and johann-nikolaus-zitterstrabe and converted it into a company parking lot. "Here, too, care has been taken to ensure that this flat area fits into the overall picture. Our company cannot do anything about the environment around our country. The responsible parties are sitting in a different place."

The stadtgraben is also accessible for residents coming from johann-nikolaus-zitterstrabe up to house 7. At least that’s what a traffic sign at this place says. Since this restriction is given up to this building, this means also that one should drive out only on this way again. "Problem, no one adheres to it."

Dangerous situation

Again and again, there are dangerous situations for pedestrians coming from the alley between the two weka buildings. "The pedestrians, who move in an area supposedly protected by signage for pedestrians and cyclists, enter the crossing moat without thinking and are confronted with vehicles driving in both directions, which rush past the lane at very high speeds. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt here", is quickly convinced.

Therefore, he classifies a complete release of the moat for local traffic as very questionable. It should remain therefore with the past restrictive regulation

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