Rugendorf fights for its store

Rugendorf fights for its store

"When a community loses the ability to provide itself with fresh food, it has a huge negative impact, mayor martin weib comments on the latest development. For the attractiveness of rugendorf, especially for the settlement of new citizens, a grocery store is an absolute must, in addition to the two banks, the two doctors, the dentist, the school, the childcare, the restaurants and the recreational facilities. "The entire town council is of the opinion that we must do everything necessary to ensure that rugendorf retains a shopping facility."

Weib sees the reason why the first attempt to set up a village store some time ago was not successful: many burghers thought rugendorf didn't need it. But now the situation has changed. "And the people of rugendorf should also think of the elderly citizens who need a place to shop in the town. Every rugendorfer should contribute his mite to establish and maintain the store", says the mayor.

"Rugendorfer strong"

And is with it also already with the society form, which the store could get. As in grafengehaig, martin weib imagines the participation of the citizens through their own contribution to the construction of the store and through the subscription of financial contributions. And not only because the project cannot simply be financed at the expense of the community. "Because people then simply identify better with the store," says the mayor, he says and emphasizes that it is precisely this voluntary commonality that makes "our rugendorf strong" is. "And it pays off for everyone."

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