Personnel urgently sought

The success of an individual trader stands and falls with the quality of his employees. Therefore, the shortage of skilled workers poses increasingly serious problems for the industry. At the "tag des unterfrankischen handels" (day of trade) in wurzburg, traders were shown how to attract employees and retain them in their company.

Apprenticeships unfilled

In lower franconia, too, the shortage of skilled workers is becoming a problem for more and more retail companies. Ralf ludewig, HBE district chairman, said in a press release: "small, owner-operated businesses in particular search for months without success and increasingly often come away empty-handed." Year after year, the number of vacancies increases. Across bavaria, around one-third of retail apprenticeships were unfilled at the start of the new training year. Ludewig continues: "the competition for good personnel, who interact with the customer with passion, heart and commitment, is becoming increasingly fierce."

Strategies and concepts to combat the shortage of skilled workers were presented to retail companies at the day of the lower franconian retail industry. Thus, strengthening employee loyalty by increasing the attractiveness of the employer is the most common m. Many companies make use of various tax-free employer benefits (e.G., pension plans).B. Job tickets, merchandise vouchers, food vouchers or kindergarten subsidies). Ludewig went on to explain: "the most important building block in employee retention, however, is the value placed on them by their employer. Praise and recognition from the boss increase satisfaction and motivation."

Cooperation with schools

In order to recruit new employees for the trade, more and more companies are working with the schools or. Vocational schools together or qualify and employ refugees. Ludewig: "all this is important, because the retail trade needs qualified and motivated specialists for its tasks more than ever before."

The bavarian trade association (HBE) represents the interests of the bavarian retail trade in terms of corporate policy. In total, 60,000 retail companies with 330,000 employees in bavaria generate sales of around 69 billion euros a year

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