Glaciers lose 335 billion tons of ice a year

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from zurich who evaluated satellite measurements and on-site observations. This means that the ice loss for all mountain regions can be estimated back to the 1960s, writes the team around michael zemp of the university of zurich in the scientific journal "nature". The data show that the annual loss of glacier mass worldwide has increased significantly over the past 30 years.

"Worldwide, we are currently losing about three times the remaining glacier volume of the european alps. And this is happening every year," says glaciologist zemp. Glaciers currently contribute 25 to 30 percent of global sea level rise, he says. Another cause is that ocean water is increasing in volume as the oceans warm.

george clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

Hollywood star george clooney (58) has never made a secret of regretting his role as batman more than 20 years ago – he even warned one of his successors.

"I talked to him about it. I said, ‘don’t do it,’" clooney recalled monday (local time) on the "hollywood reporter" podcast of a conversation with ben affleck (46). The latter took on the role of the superhero in 2016 for a total of three films.

The village has 55 inhabitants (as of june 2020). 44 people are entitled to vote here. On a signature list, which is a prerequisite for the election of a local representative, at least one third of these eligible voters must sign up. That had been in the case of messenfeld 14 persons, even 25 have signed however. The interest in an official contact person is consequently rough. The former municipal councillor, 38-year-old markus knipper, represents messenfeld as local spokesman. In the interview, he explains what needs to be done here and how the cooperation with his colleague from neudorf is working out. You are native from messenfeld or how long there already resident? Markus knipper: I was born in messenfeld and also grew up here. In between, i spent weeks studying in regenstauf and rosenheim. In 2009/2010, we renovated an old outbuilding on my parents’ property, where i live with my family. You already have local political experience as a municipal councilor – will you apply again at the next election?? I think i will stand again in the 2026 election. The result of the election in march 2020 showed that I received even more votes than in the election in 2014, when I was elected to the municipal council. In addition, the local political work in the municipal council has made me a lot of fun, and you could still so much about his community or. Learning about one’s homeland. The mayor spoke of fiber optic expansion – what is the supply like so far?. Is there a real need? Is that what the measuring fields say or is it simply due to the development of the times, in order not to be hung out to dry? The fiber optic expansion is currently a major issue. In any case, there is also a need in messenfeld, no matter if young or old. I would almost say that in messenfeld almost every household uses the internet, except for one or two exceptions. Many use it for everyday use, online shopping, social media, gaming and streaming, to stay in touch with family and friends; but also for work in the home office and homeschooling, a flat-area and high-performance internet is essential in the current situation. In principle I am of the opinion that the internet pays in our time with a certain basic supply and it should be made available to everyone. Do you have hobbies or are you in a club?? I am outdoors a lot with our dogs, I like to work in the forest or do handicrafts. I occasionally go hunting with our hunting leaseholder in the messenfeld hunting area. I’m deputy chairman of the local CSU association west of the main. The relationship to the local representative georg schauer from neudorf, which is only one kilometer away, is a very good one – do they know each other from the community work or from earlier times?? I’ve known georg since we were in school, he was a few grades above me, but we went to school the same way. Later we were in the voluntary fire department messenfeld-neudorf and some years ago we have represented our villages together in a small working group on the topic of wind power with wind turbine operators. Even so, we meet from time to time and exchange news from the villages or the municipality. Why can’t one representative or local spokesman represent both places (messenfeld and neudorf)?? Is that what the citizens want? I think we can be quite satisfied with the solution of a local speaker and a local representative. In this way, one person from each village is elected as a citizen representative, and one can naturally support and complement each other. What must be done in the village? What have you as a council initiated, which is now still finished? At the moment, of course, the fiber-optic expansion is the top priority, the street lamps are to be converted to LED, and there are some other smaller things like flat design, preservation of natural monuments, and the playground. Last question: how is the wire to the city hall?? The wire to the city hall is super, uncomplicated, familiar and friendly. I personally have not had any difficulties, I was always helped with any problem. The questions were asked by monika schutz.

Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

In the discussion about the wish of a house owner in the moat to create parking spaces in front of his property, paul is now also quick to speak up. The manager of weka refers primarily to a statement by the district administration in which it declared that the listed ensemble in the moat would be disturbed by the department store (FT of 10 august). August, page 17).

"I did not want to get involved in this obvious official confusion. However, I would like to reject the assertion of the district office that the weka building is to blame for the fact that in the area of the disputed parking lot or the ditch, there is no beer brewing. There is no longer any ensemble worthy of note to protect. This ensemble did not exist before weka or did not exist anymore. The only noteworthy product was the ‘golden wagon’. It burned down during the second world war."

"This day is for us a great day of joy and at the same time the first visit of a chief shepherd of bamberg after the consecration of the church", declared in thurnau pastor thomas wagner, who also warmly welcomed the evangelic dean hans hager. "Joy, as the bible says, is what the bishop should bring when he comes to the parishes. I hope that we can do the same today", replied ludwig schick.

The archbishop made it clear that he wants to visit all the churches and chapels in the archdiocese of bamberg step by step, regardless of the jubilees. There are 800 of them, at the moment schick has visited almost 600: "but the most important thing is to visit the people who belong to it, the christians and of course the non christians as well." The goal, according to the archbishop, is to give thanks, to reflect and to give encouragement.

For heart and soul

Presenter rainer ludwig offered a somewhat different christmas to the almost 700 visitors in the dr.-stammberger hall – at least during the main part of "the magic of christmas. Far away from sentimentalism and superficial showmanship, the interpreters took the stage. Their music delighted heart and soul and expressed piety.

First the soli of premiere guest mario K. From the zillertal with the styrian harmonica, who impressed with his bright voice and prepared the ground for an evening full of silence and sustainability.

Morocco: eu court overturns decisions in western sahara dispute

EU must amend agreement with morocco after european union court rules that "consent of the people of western sahara" is lacking.

As the court announced on wednesday, decisions in the areas of agriculture and fisheries of the EU council of ministers with morocco are void. Western sahara was a spanish colony until 1975 and was annexed by morocco after the withdrawal of the spanish, but this is not recognized by most states.

Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

To combat child poverty in germany, the german children’s fund has called for an overall strategy from policymakers.

An interdepartmental plan between the federal government, the states and the municipalities is necessary in order to provide children and families with sufficient material security and to give them equal opportunities. Germany, as one of the richest countries in the world, must pay more attention to the issue, said the organization’s president, thomas kruger, in berlin at the presentation of the "kinderreport 2018". Individual measures such as an increase in child benefit are not enough.

Homeschooling between longing and forced digitization

The good news first: in one week there will be vacations. Officially, two-thirds of homeschooling is done. Even if the school closures continue, there will be a break for the time being.

A first small survey among schoolchildren, teachers and parents has shown that everyone has found a certain structure for themselves. Still, there is no such thing as routine. Home schooling remains a challenge for everyone:

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

At the meeting of the oberaurach town council on thursday, it was decided that, as part of the renewal of the state road2274 between dankenfeld and schindelsee, the existing sidewalk at the exit of dankenfeld should be maintained. Construction work is already underway. The 300-meter-long footpath that leads to the "seesbuhl" junction is a very special one will not receive street lighting, explained mayor thomas sechser (CSU). At the suggestion of councilman klaus thomas, however, it will be examined whether empty pipes can be laid in order to facilitate a possible later extension with street lamps.

142 000 euro total cost

The total cost of the acceptance is approximately 142,000 euros, which includes the cost of land acquisition, surveying, and compensation for the state building office for taking over the planning, construction management, and other administrative tasks. An agreement to this effect has been concluded with the state building authority. The municipality is applying for a grant and is expected to receive a 60 to 65 percent subsidy from the state’s financial equalization funds.