Oldest person in europe dies in spain at the age of 116

Oldest person in europe dies in spain at the age of 116

Probably the oldest person in europe is dead: spanish ana vela rubio died on friday at the age of 116 in a retirement home in barcelona, spanish media reported.

The one on 29. October 1901 in andalusia was the oldest resident in europe and the third-oldest person in the world, according to the international "gerontology research group" (GRG). The list continues on 4. August 1900 born japanese nabi tajima on.

Vela rubio, a former dressmaker, was born in southern spain but had been living in catalonia since the 1940s, as the newspaper "el pais" reported. For four months, the 90-year-old daughter had also been living in the same retirement home. Only a month and a half ago, vela rubio had her 116th birthday there. Birthday celebrated.

Throughout her life, she has had few health problems, but at the age of 109, she suffered a fractured thigh that required surgery. After that, her condition worsened. "She fell asleep peacefully in her bed without suffering," echoed the senior citizens’ home.

It was only in april that the italian emma morano died, the last living person to die in the 19th century. Had been born in the twentieth century. Since may 2016, she has been listed in the guinness book of records as the world’s oldest human being. After the death of vela rubio, the oldest european is now once again an italian: 115-year-old giuseppina projetto.

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