New food logo nutri-score to be launched in november

New food logo nutri-score to be launched in november

The new colorful nutri-score logo is to be launched on a broad front in november to make it easier for customers to identify healthier foods when they go shopping.

German food minister julia klockner (CDU) told the deutsche presse-agentur that the label provides consumers with easy-to-understand and comparable information and thus "the best orientation at the supermarket shelf". A regulation launched by the federal government has now been given the green light by the EU, and the bundesrat is expected to approve it this friday. It creates the legal framework for manufacturers to voluntarily print the logo on packages of finished products.

Klockner said: "I have the clear expectation of the companies that they use the labeling."It is not a question of consumers doing without, but of making conscious choices without having to study lengthy nutritional tables. "These will continue to remain on the back page. But on the front there will be a visually clear orientation guide. If too many fats, sugars or salt are included, the evaluation becomes less favorable."

The system, which originated in france, includes not only the sugar, fat and salt content but also recommended components such as fiber and certain proteins in an overall assessment and then gives a single value – on a five-point scale from "A" on a dark green field for the most favorable balance to a yellow "C" and a red "E" for the least favorable. The applicable field is highlighted. The logo has been on display in german supermarkets for some time now. Several food manufacturers and retailers have announced that they will introduce it when the legal framework is in place.

Klockner had settled on the nutri-score last year after a long dispute over a new nutrition logo. The regulation was sent to the EU commission in march and will come into force after a six-month deadline for objections on 11 march. September now considered approved. Following the expected approval of the bundesrat on friday, the regulation is expected to be promulgated at the beginning of november. Then the logo can be used in germany with legal certainty.

To raise awareness of the new label among consumers, the ministry is planning an information campaign to accompany its introduction in germany. The goal is also to demand acceptance and motivate companies to participate. Consumer users urge widest possible use of the logo in retailing. It will also be used not only for products with a favorable nutritional balance.

As the ministry explains, mandatory introduction at national level is not possible under EU law. In the current german EU council presidency, however, klockner is campaigning for the introduction of a mandatory EU-wide food logo. This is also part of the EU commission’s strategy for sustainable food.

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