More than a coarse cake

More than a coarse cake

Does food actually taste better when you know who lovingly prepared it?? With the fresh and varied dishes of the menufaktur kulmbach, an increase hardly seems possible. Or else? 54 employees ensure that around 2700 portions are delivered to their "eaters" every day come. This includes the acceptance of the goods, which are mainly supplied by regional partners, their storage and preparation.

"Today is a good day"

Through a corridor of the long building in the E.-C.-baumann-strabe flits marianne. "Today is a good day, the blonde woman tells everyone she meets and infects them with her energy. Before she was hired as a school principal, she had not had it easy in her career. The menufaktur has caught her and offers her a protected setting.

Plant manager marina lofink knows all the biographies of her employees – and not just on paper: "people work here who would have had no chance on the normal labor market, who could not really get a foothold there. They were lost – for different reasons." Half of the women and men have a recognized handicap. They work hand in hand with the other members of the team, the cake team daily from 6.30 to 15.30 o’clock, the rewind team time-delayed.

However, in the case of additional orders or catering, weekend or service work is sometimes necessary. But even with this duty schedule, marina lofink pays attention to the personal situation of her employees. It’s like a large family", laughs the head.

Although some jobs have been and are still being eliminated due to the corona crisis, little has changed in the kitchen itself as a result of the pandemic: the hygiene sluice, regular cleaning of the equipment and rooms, as well as mouth and nose coverings and gloves were standard in the factory even before the crisis.

With heart and soul

On the other hand, the short-term two-shift system and the three-month short-time work phase placed a heavy psychological burden on many employees. The momentary insecurity is also noticeable to the women and men. Because: "cooking is not the main focus here, it can be learned. It’s more about giving a chance and self-confidence – within a protected framework."

This consists of heart, understanding and a great deal of consideration for individual needs. Through the modern "cook& chill"-the workload is no less, but the time pressure is less. The meals are freshly prepared, cooled to two to three degrees within 90 minutes and stored at these temperatures, portioned and transported to the customer. Directly at the serving point, the meals are regenerated to the consumption temperature with the help of a convection oven to preserve vitamins.

Among the five drivers is werner from obernsees, who was a car body builder for over 30 years. A burn out forced him to take a break. For five years now, the 58-year-old has been tapping energy

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