Michael lane sings his way into the hearts of his fans

Michael lane sings his way into the hearts of his fans

Michael lane was not always the shy and reserved type he is now in the casting show "the voice of germany the audience appeared. In fact, until six years ago, when he had to go to war for the first time for the u.S. Army, he was a very funny person, who also does crazy things spontaneously from time to time. "When we were kids, mike was always allowed to choose cornflakes at our grandma's house, says matthias neuner, the cousin of the talented singer. "But he didn't want to give me any of it. That's why he always grabbed the pack and climbed up on the roof of my grandparents' house so I couldn't get at it. He knew exactly that I was afraid of climbing after him."

Even later, the half-american was always good for an entertaining interlude. At the graduation party of niner's girlfriend stefanie niebler, for example, michael stood on a ping-pong table when all the guests were about to leave and performed a piece from an italian opera. "There were about 200 people, and all the people who had already left turned around and came back", tells niner. And during a visit to a disco together, the 26-year-old is said to have suddenly danced naked on a podium. "And by that I mean really naked, he didn't even have any underpants on anymore," says, neuner reports with a smile.

Traumatic war experiences
But then the always funny young man enlisted in the u.S. Army – his cousin suspects he did so mainly because he never really felt comfortable in the u.S. And secretly hoped to be stationed in germany. This wish also came true. For about one and a half years he came to the vicinity of ansbach. During that time he spent every weekend with his german friends and family, then michael lane had to go to war – first to afghanistan, then to iraq. This time had a great impact on the former spabvogel – and also changed him. "It was like night and day when he came back", emphasizes neuner's girlfriend steffi niebler.

In march michael finally came back to dorfhaus, which had always been his home. At that time, in addition to the traumatic war experiences, he had also been separated from his ex-wife and their son gabriel (3). "He misses the little one very much, mike would like to bring him here immediately", tells neuner. However, the ex-wife was against it. "I got in touch with prosieben and suggested that they fly the little guy in as a surprise for mike. But they didn't want it right, probably assumed that the auand wouldn't be worth it because they thought he wouldn't stand a chance against gil anyway."

In this situation two serious things changed in michael's life: in april he met his true love, the 23-year-old melissa. And his best friend thomas has him on "the voice of germany" registered. "That really helped him to pull himself out of this post-war hole", neuner is convinced.

Mrs. Lawless said "yes
That michael wanted to start a new life after his war service is also reflected in his decision to begin training as a geriatric nurse. In the meantime, however, the 26-year-old has dropped out again in order to be able to devote himself entirely to music after all, the dorfhauser was also almost exclusively on the road in the past few months due to his participation in the casting show and could not go to work.

A commitment that paid off: on friday, the young man with the unmistakable french-american accent was able to prove himself in the "voice of germany-final to secure third place. And with girlfriend melissa, michael is the undisputed number one: during the first commercial break of the final show, the 26-year-old suddenly asked to be allowed to say something – and in front of the entire studio audience asked for the hand of his "mrs. Lawless" (this is melissa's nickname and also the title of michael's single) to. The audience was enthusiastic and cheered when the completely surprised melissa spontaneously said "yes" said. Thus, in his eyes, the dorfhauser had already won after a few minutes.

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