Maria himmelfahrt: the root bush is more than just a tradition

The feast of the assumption and the gugel church st. St. Pancratius was the right time and place for the blessing of the herbs and flowers. In addition to root bushes, seven women from zeckendorf had, on the initiative of maria sporlein and fini gotz, also artistically tied a three-meter high herb stick. 33 types of herbs, related to the age of jesus, had been collected, sorted, bound and artfully placed on the stick.

Archbishop ludwig schick celebrated a solemn service together with priests markus brendel, josef eckert and christophe messanvi and blessed the root bushes of the zeckendorf women and those of the many believers.

The head pastor took up a thought from the good news when he reminded us that "all goodness, all mercy and all love of god have eternal value. All suffering, all illnesses and all disputes have an expiration date."

He thanked the women and men who for 25 years have been tying root bushes and herb sticks. He expressed his appreciation for the many churches and chapels in the pastoral area of scheblitz-jura. "The people stand by their churches and honor them!" This positive attitude is also shown by the churchgoers in their self-tied herb and flower arrangements.

"Out of tradition and christian conviction", was the answer of the married couple sieglinde and helmut burgis from bamberg, who belonged to the many foreign church visitors, to the question: why herb consecration?? "We should be aware", helmut burgis continues "nature doesn't need us, but we need nature." Therefore reverence and thanks are due. Reverence for the creation and thanks to the creator.

For the schubert couple, also from bamberg, the root bush is more than just a tradition; it is an expression of their christian way of life. They have been visiting the gugel for years and are enthusiastic about the care of their needs.
One can only hope that young people will be found who will continue this demanding and time-consuming work in the years to come, because many of the preserved forces will no longer be able to do so for reasons of age. "The gugel and we were missing something", one hears from the ranks of the faithful.

So that the nine parishes and many villages of the pastoral area of scheblitz-jura become one community, a brochure was created under the direction of anton heinert, zeckendorf, which "went to the churches and through the churches" should have eternal value.

The proceeds from the sale of the church drivers were presented by the former pastor of scheblitz, markus brendel, to the archbishop for social tasks in the diocese of scheblitz. Donations from the sale of root bushes go to pastor vicente zacaron, brazil, and to the current vacation representative from togo, pastor christophe messanvi.
The church choir kremmeldorf under the direction of franz-josef bickel and the organ playing of terezie kosmakova framed and enriched the festive service with songs from the 'missa festiva' by christopher tambling.

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