Man drives at disobedient – trial for attempted murder

man drives at disobedient - trial for attempted murder

During an illegal car race, he allegedly hit a disobedient woman with his car. A 22-year-old man has now apologized to her in court.

"I regret this very much, i am sorry," said the man before the wurzburg district court. There he is on trial since friday. The accusation is, among other things, attempted murder.

Apart from the apology, the man did not commit himself to the deed on friday. At the age of 20, he is said to have been killed on 1. December 2019 in wurzburg with a high-horsepower rental car have delivered a car race with an opponent. His car hit the disobedient pedestrian who was crossing the road with her dog at a traffic light at the bottom of a hill. According to the prosecutor’s office, the man thereby took the death of the woman approvingly in purchase.

The woman who was hit and the animal were slightly injured. On friday, the 44-year-old, who cannot hear or speak, told the police through a baby-bird interpreter that she accepted the apology. She didn’t want the man to get a big fine, it certainly wasn’t intentional.

In addition to attempted murder, the public prosecutor’s office also accuses the driver of dangerous bodily injury in combination with a prohibited motor vehicle race and deliberate endangering of road traffic. He was taken into custody for investigation a few days after the crime, but the bamberg higher regional court lifted the arrest warrant in mid-may 2020. Since then, the defendant is at large.

In addition, a second racer is said to have been involved. However, it has not yet been possible to locate him.

A police officer said on friday that they had analyzed the recordings of a surveillance camera at a gas station near the scene of the accident. The rear of a silver car can be seen on it – on a single picture. Normally driving cars were to be seen on six to eight pictures. From this it is concluded that the car was being driven fast.

Nationwide, the judiciary has already dealt several times with the question of whether speeders in their often pimped-out and high-powered cars can be potential murderers on the road, and whether they condone the death of others. A landmark decision by the berlin regional court in february 2017, when two drivers were convicted of being murderers, was groundbreaking. It was the first murder verdict against such a car racer in germany. After a revision, a court ruled in one of the manner no longer murder, but attempted murder. According to the district court, this ruling is not yet legally binding and is currently pending before the federal supreme court.

The trial in wurzburg was supposed to start in january but was postponed due to corona. Next friday it will be continued. Three more dates are planned until the end of september.

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