Look, jogi: this is how the fc wallenfels champions train

No tempo in the game? Everything is too tense? And much too little body tension? Maybe the scouting department of the german fubball federation should have had a look around wallenfels in the frankenwald before the world championship.

On the facebook page "french day kronach there is a video of a training session.

Yes, okay, the next airport is far away, a highway not in sight. But: from the wooden tribune, which is reminiscent of herberger’s times and enchants football romantics, you can see a training session with more movement than in the german game against mexico.

The pulse rises rapidly

"Seven more, six more, five more…", pays kerstin neubauer down. Her instructions echo across the soccer field like a cannon blast – and make sure that the players continue to torture themselves. And it’s "put me up, put me down" from the song "coco jambo – the sounds of the 90’s fit special training like a glove.

"The pulse goes very high in a short time, which is good to simulate the load in the game"", the 46-year-old yoga and fitness instructor from nordhalben explains the first part of the 90-minute session. "High intensity training" the exercises, in which fast lunging movements alternate with stretching phases, are called "lunges. "It’s very good for muscle development and fitness", says neubauer.

Keep going

The blonde power woman mixes feminine charm with army drill and understands like no other how to get the men’s group to keep going even when the body would actually rather rest and the mundanes would like to chat.

"The guys are doing really well. And although the exercises are strenuous for them: I think they like it too", says neubauer, who has been training with the FCW for three years. Normally only in preparation – twice a week. And now especially for the world cup. After all, the honor of the nation is at stake. "If jogi needs us, we had time. You just had to talk to the employers," says neubauer, jokes player-coach michael herrmann, whose eleven was very successful.

Because the wallenfelsers know how to win. With a whopping 103:25 goals and 80 points, they became champions of the kronach 4 district division.

"We have fewer injuries as a result of the training, especially with regard to the bands", reports herrmann. Kerstin neubauer explains: "trained bands don’t rub as quickly."

With yoga and zumba to victory

Towards the end, the training picks up speed once again. After a little yoga to catch their breath the boys in blue and white dance zumba.

They get the last korn out of themselves in the process. They get down on their knees, jump up and clap – island lets pit. Kerstin neubauer sets the pace. Push-ups, hoof circles, now it’s all there. Jogi, this is how the champions train.

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