Kitzingen museum director remains on leave of absence

Kitzingen museum director remains on leave of absence

The city of kitzingen defends itself against the decision of the labor court to continue employing the director of the municipal museum. As reported, museum director stephanie falkenstein had received an extraordinary termination notice from the city of kitzingen when the municipal museum was closed in 2018 "until further notice" had been closed. Falkentstein had successfully filed a complaint against this. The ruling by the wurzburg labor court at the end of september obligated the city to continue employing the museum director in the first instance.

Now that the kitzingen city council has received this verdict in writing, the city is taking a stand: "we have examined this verdict together with the law firm that was commissioned to do so, and we find it incomprehensible in part. The content of the case concerns questions about the plaintiff’s employment contract and the quality of the city council’s decision in october 2018 to close the museum. Since the decision is not yet legally binding, we can not comment in detail on the content at this time." However, the city administration states: "we intend to appeal against the ruling."

City insists on its position

Probably in view of the legal dispute, the kitzingen city council decided in june 2020 to permanently close and wind up the municipal museum. From the point of view of the city administration, this decision strengthens its own position in court. Therefore, the city has also sent the museum director a second extraordinary and operational notice of termination. The training is done in a separate procedure, at the latest on the 1st day of the week. December, decided before the wurzburg labor court.

For the city administration, this results in the following statement: "mrs. Falkenstein continues to be released on the basis of the still ongoing proceedings for second notice." Falkenstein, on the other hand, had announced through her lawyer after the trial that the aim of the legal dispute was to keep her job. That is why they are satisfied with the verdict. But now a continuation of the court battle is certain.

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