Indian women protest rape

Indian women protest rape

"We demand the death penalty for the rapists so that this never happens again," said one young demonstrator. The angry crowd wanted to march in front of the presidential palace, but police used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators. Fierce clashes broke out between protesters and police on the sidelines of the protests. Several people suffered injuries.

Police say rioters mingled with protesters. The IANS news agency reported that some 50 people were injured, including a policeman who was seriously wounded by stone-throwing. Protesters set fires and overturned cars. Groups repeatedly tried to break through barriers to the hill on which the palace and government building stand. Delhi’s head of government calls for calm.

The gang rape a week ago had shocked all of india. Six men allegedly raped the medical student and severely injured her and her boyfriend with an iron bar. The manneres have now been arrested. Rape victim still in critical condition.

After a long period of political silence, the head of the ruling congress party, sonia gandhi, met with some protesters, according to official sources. She promised that the six accused would be given a speedy trial. Rapists face life imprisonment in india.

But the demonstrators demanded not only justice in the case, but above all more safety on the streets. "We are afraid to let our daughter out of the house," said teacher savita rao. "The government is asleep. We want to wake them up. Laws need to be tightened and properly enforced," a 25-year-old told the IANS news agency. Meanwhile, the local government pledged to speed up proceedings, improve lighting in public places and increase police patrols in delhi.

24 206 rapes occurred in india last year. Official. Because in a society where the honor of the family is usually valued more highly than the plight of a girl, the dark figure was allowed to be much higher than in other countries. But most offenders get off – human rights activists say only about a quarter of defendants are convicted.

Meanwhile, according to the IANS news agency, a journalist has been shot dead by police in the east of the country during similar protests. Angry members of film and cultural organizations had demanded the arrest of a man in imphal in the state of manipur for allegedly molesting an actress. The dead man is said to have worked for a local television station. "The police initially fired trangas projectiles," a police officer told the agency. After a car had been rounded, the police had opened fire.

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