Hulkenberg to lotus or ferrari? – “everything still open”

Hulkenberg to lotus or ferrari? - 'everything still open'

Being the new teammate of triple world champion sebastian vettel at red bull and fighting for the title will probably remain a dream for nico hulkenberg for the time being. But a move to lotus or ferrari seems quite realistic.

Sauber driver hulkenberg has long attracted the interest of several top formula 1 teams. Meanwhile, the racing driver slows down when asked about his chances of promotion. "Let’s wait and see how things develop," said hulkenberg in an interview with the dpa news agency ahead of the hungarian grand prix this weekend in budapest. He also doesn’t know when the decision will be made.

After hulkenberg with clean because of outstanding salary payments has apparently inquired, is the rheinlander on the market and also with the industry groves for 2014 a topic. Many things speak in favor of lotus. Finnish driver kimi raikkonen is considered a good candidate for red bull. And romain grosjean’s cockpit is also not yet confirmed at lotus.

At ferrari, felipe massa’s position is wobbling, so that a vacancy was also allowed to arise here. Representatives of the "red" team have repeatedly described hulkenberg as an "interesting driver". Hulkenberg himself now told dpa: "ferrari is definitely a team with a tremendous history. It pays to be among the top teams. But everything is still open as far as my future is concerned."

Hulkenberg has clear ideas about what his future employer needs to be like. "Performance and prospects are at the top of the agenda," he said on thursday in the drivers’ camp at the hungarian ring. Only then will details such as the term of his contract be discussed. In general, "everything has to be right" in the overall package, he stressed.

Hulkenberg is missing from the list of potential red-bull drivers. The 25-year-old from emmerich was attracted to becoming vettel’s teammate for a number of reasons. "I had nothing against it, especially since you are then sitting in a car that should be very competitive, that has been world champion for the last three years," he said, "and above all you are then measuring yourself against the current three-time world champion. Against it I had in no case what." Red bull has been "naturally the mab of all things" for the last few years.

Red bull may be the future. But currently hulkenberg has to see that he gets his act together with clean in what has been a completely messed up season so far. Only seven points in nine races is frustrating, even if he didn’t want to put it so harshly. "Frustrated is not the right word. Of course, the team and I are not satisfied with it, and we’re not happy with the way the season has gone so far," is hulkenberg’s sobering conclusion ahead of sunday’s hungarian grand prix (start: 14.00 o’clock/RTL and sky). "The expectations are already higher, especially after last year for clean. But that’s life, that’s formula 1."This year the car is "unfortunately not strong enough".

The situation is not easy for him, "but this is also an experience that impresses me," explains hulkenberg. At the last home race at the nurburgring, he scored at least one point in tenth place. He doesn’t know whether he’ll be able to do the same on the hungarian ring. There are too many question marks: how good is the technical update, how does the car cope with the new tires?? But regardless of these uncertainties and his probable switch, hulkenberg assumes "that I will finish the season with a clean slate.

Nico hulkenberg in the brief port council:

Team: clean

Starting number: 11

Born on: 19. August 1987 in emmerich

First grand prix: 14. March 2010 GP bahrain

First GP win: –

GP starts: 47

Victories: –

Pole positions: 1

Total points: 92

Current points: 7

Rough success: 2012 world championship eleventh place

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