Hollywood in the bad bruckenau high school

Hollywood in the bad bruckenau high school

A touch of film gala glamour spurred the audience in the auditorium of the bad bruckenau franz-miltenbeger gymnasium. The reason: the film group minzfilm under the direction of film teacher heiko berner presented eleven short films in 90 minutes, which had been produced in the past four years at the FMG.

Freshly roasted popcorn

Important for this gala flair were the two presenters of the evening, yannick hahn and marius haberlein, who with a lot of charm and a pleasant pinch of irony entertained the "wonderful audience" to the short night of the short films buried. Dressed in black suits, they briefly introduced each of the films in four presentation blocks. Meanwhile, the smell of freshly popped popcorn lingered over the auditorium.

The screening began with three FMG films from the eighth grade, which had won prizes at the L.U.T.SCH…-competition "legal and yet beautiful…" – of the county of bad kissingen had won. In different ways, but always very forcefully, these contributions addressed the dangers of legal drugs. Afterwards the presenters presented work from the lessons: from physical spab experiments with water bombs, scientifically and artistically accompanied by physics teacher tobias geipel, to rap music videos from the latin lessons, there was a lot to amuse and inspire the audience.

Bluffing professionalism

The technical realization with the greenbox, in which the actors had to act in front of the camera, aroused great interest other backgrounds could be offset – a technique that was used with astonishing professionalism, and for which the mint filmmakers were honored with a main prize at the renowned crossmedia festival in munich in 2014.

Pencil drawings and figures

A third block of humorous training films from various years of the film group was interspersed with a work from art class. Fifth-grade students, under the guidance of their art teacher verena bedenk, had created the trick film "metamorphoses" in which pencil drawings slowly changed and always resulted in new figures: a real hard work, for which hundreds of individual images had to be drawn. The high point of the entertaining evening was formed by two premieres.

"Revenge, suber"

The project seminar german of the graduating class 2014 under the direction of christoph althaus presented an atmospheric film version of the borchert short story "das brot".Rache, suber" received thunderous applause in the end, the latest short film of the film group "mintfilm, which won two prizes at the bavarian schools film festival and most recently the calvados department prize at the jufinale festival in kitzingen, germany.

Film crew signing autographs

The evening ended with the same wink as it began: the film crew said goodbye "until the next short night of short films", and was then available at the exits for autographs.

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