Hochstadt culture in front of empty banks

Hochstadt culture in front of empty banks

The signal tone of the children's carousel, which announces the departure, warned in vain on sunday: horses, swans and carriages remained empty. Not a child in sight far and wide.

Rain – and no end! It was lucky for the hochstadt old town festival that the sky only opened its floodgates at dawn on sunday. The people of hochstadt had been able to enjoy their most popular festival to the full for two days. In the craftsmen's yard behind the town hall, three vendors looked at the empty foursquare.
Gunter siebenhaar of the gremsdorf brass band wondered, in view of the empty bench, whether his musicians should set up at all. Finally they decided to play after all.

Undaunted dancers
In the meantime there was dancing under the tent roof in the castle courtyard. About a dozen "line dancers" moved undaunted to the sounds of the country band "loose moose. With and without cowboy hats they had come from nurnberg, priesendorf, forchheim and hochstadt. The rough crowd – the city expected 300 to 500 fans – was missing, however.

At 3 p.M. Culture should meet the old town festival (kultur meets altstadtfest). Due to the dismantling of the band, the program was postponed for a good hour. Erik poscher, trainee at the city administration, hosted the cultural program. First of all in front of more empty than full banks. Although more and more people came to listen, the right mood did not arise. Second mayor gunter schulz, who opened the program, was also disappointed with the low response.

Six authors read
Perhaps the tent is not really the right setting for an author's reading. The more intimate schlossgewolbe was certainly more suitable for the occasion.

Petra embacher, christa schwagerl, wolfgang pflugner, roland forster, herbert steingen and dieter gropp from the authors' circle founded in 2010 presented a cross-section of their work, ranging from dialect poems to the story of a cruise ship journey.

Afterwards the folkdance friends of aischgrund brought a real contrast program on stage with french costumes and music.

Spabtheater without text
The theater group around reinhard grasse had come up with something unusual: spabtheater, without the actors having to struggle with learning the text. "Synchronized airswimming – air swim thus in the same time – was a well put on spab, which the public honored with much applause. The whole program was musically framed by the hornochsenband – among others with dream melodies from the 1960s.

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