Heubachers clear the way

Heubachers clear the way

In the ebern district, people have been closely associated with the raiffeisen idea for decades. The village has provided two bank directors in the past decades and the raiffeisen waren gmbh has its headquarters here. So it made sense to take up the slogan of the raiffeisen-volksbank for an action from burger circles: "we clear the way".

Under the direction of town councillor thomas limpert (CSU), the citizens of burgen created their own access to the new commercial area in the barracks area, literally beating their way through the bushes.
Meanwhile, the people of heubach avoided bureaucratic squads, because instead of making demands on the city of ebern, they preferred to nail their own heads to the mast. With burgerschaftliche commitment a fubweg developed so directly into the former barracks.

Kilometer-wide detour

The desire for a connection to the "alte kaserne" business park had already been loud in the village for a long time. Until now, fubgangers had to take the kilometer-long detour via sandhof or the barracks area near eichelberg. It was quite a walk if you wanted to stop off at one of the new guesthouses, because the beer garden at the landhotel was a particular favorite of the people of heubach. "With children, baby carriages and the like, it's quite difficult" thomas limpert, who is the representative of heubach in the city council, said.

Also for people who "only over the barracks in the direction of unterpreppach, a shortcut would have been good. And of course, the airline route also works in the opposite direction, so that unterpreppachers, for example, can get to the cycle path on the B279 more quickly.

In the main

limpert presented the concerns of his fellow citizens to the main committee of the city council. The latter had immediately questioned the entire fence around the barracks area. After all, the former military land has now become a normal part of town that no longer needs a fence. This concern had already been voiced by some of the tradesmen in the "old barracks" brought forward female limpert to report.

In any case, the city council gave the green light for the concerns of the people of heubach, and in the course of redesigning other paths in the barracks area, the fubweg to heubach would certainly have been created at some point. If the city treasury would allow it, one day.

But the heubach team did not hesitate for long. Quickly they had a suitable entrance in mind and a dozen hard-working helpers spat into their hands. Over the course of several working days, they cleared the crossing point of dense bushes and – as was once the case when the border was opened at the former zonal boundary – a passageway was created in the fence. The hard-working citizens were able to rely on the support of the construction yard workers around werner grell for the piping of a trench and the splitting of the path. The city of heubach is happy to see so much of its own commitment, as the people of heubach can see. The action was almost free for the city. Councilman limpert: "except for our working time and a few bottles of beer the action did not cost anything."
From the exit of the village in the settlement of altenberg, you can now get to the "unterpreppacher weg" at the crossing "hundeplatz" past straight ahead directly into the "old barracks".

The bushwhackers out

There the way continues over a small parking lot, and into the graf stauffenberg-strabe (near the buildings of the arbeiterwohlfahrt and the red cross) one reaches over a still somewhat overgrown footpath.
The way belongs indeed to the city, but also here the heubacher want again with bush knives and garden shears anrucken. "We will fix this in the near future" promised thomas limpert "the bauhof can not do everything."
The local representative is proud of his heubachers and of the finished work. An exemplary citizen initiative that benefits many people.

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