Half a century for fire protection

Half a century for fire protection

"That's just the way it is", anton kaul answered the question why he became a member of the voluntary fire department oberehrenbach 50 years ago. "I joined at the age of 16 because it was a matter of course for us", he went on to say that he and gerhard arzt were the first to train as group leaders. He also recalled operations at fires, for example in the community center, at a stable fire or a market garden in mittelehrenbach. His daughter tanja kugler is also a member and son michael kaul is in active service with the fire department.

Reinhard kern joined 40 years ago. "I was 17 years old. My father was also there. In those days, you just put out a fire with water, without chemicals", kern and schwarmt reported on the good camaraderie in the club, and that young and old get along well.

Also 40 years ago traugott galla became a member of the association. "I moved here and thought about how I could find a connection", he recalled. That is why he joined the two local associations. Galla was at that time also a member of the works fire department of his company. "In the old days, a fire could start very quickly because the houses were old, had wood stoves and wood floors. Today the fire department is rather called to accidents. But it is important for the safety of the citizens that there is one on the spot."

Flat covering

This opinion is also shared by mayor florian kraft (): "as mayor, it is important for me that the fire departments are broadly positioned. It's not enough if we only have one in every large town."

The association is also important for the cohesion in the villages, because it also makes the events work. Important are also the long-standing members: "because otherwise your experience was lost."

There are many long-serving members of the oberehrenbach volunteer fire department. This year, michael batz was honored for 30 years of active service, and winfried harrer for 40 years. Georg benning, anton kaul and reinhardt polster received certificates from chairman manuel hotzelein for 50 years of membership in the association. Hotzelein presented certificates to anton eckert, traugott galla, reinhard kern, gerhard koch, fritz pinzel, georg schmitt and roland schmitt for 40 years of membership.

Commander michael weisel reported that there had been no operations this year, but that the team had undergone intensive training. He was also a little perplexed by the fact that a water hydrant that had not been working for years had still not been repaired. Mayor kraft answered that this would be taken up.

Highly motivated

District fire inspector johannes schmitt praised the motivation and commitment of the oberehrenbach volunteer fire department and hopes that young members will train to become group leaders. He was pleased that next year actions are planned to install again a youth fire department.

He also suggested that the leadership should reach out to women, because there is currently no female active member. Group leader wilhelm sponsel also called on young members to qualify, because he wanted to pass on this office to younger hands.

In the future, the board of directors of the association will no longer be elected for six years, but for four years, it was decided. 

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