George clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

george clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

Hollywood star george clooney (58) has never made a secret of regretting his role as batman more than 20 years ago – he even warned one of his successors.

"I talked to him about it. I said, ‘don’t do it,’" clooney recalled monday (local time) on the "hollywood reporter" podcast of a conversation with ben affleck (46). The latter took on the role of the superhero in 2016 for a total of three films.

Clooney explained that he had made a lot of money for the "batman&" movie robin" (1997) got much less money than arnold schwarzenegger, who played the bosewight mr. Freeze played. "But i had to take the rap for it."The criticism of the cinema flop had focused on him, but he could understand that.

"I just played batman, and I didn’t play it very well. It wasn’t a good movie either," explained the oscar winner. He has learned from this failure and has rethought his way of working. "I was no longer just an actor who was given a role. I was held responsible for a whole film."Affleck, who has since stepped down from the role, did a great job, clooney said.

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