Future for place with rough past – inn pulvermuhle is sold

future for place with rough past - inn pulvermuhle is sold

The legendary powder muhle near waischenfeld has a new owner. The couple linda and michael fink from kaufbeuren in allgau bought the pulvermuhle and want to turn it into vacation apartments, possibly also with a cafe and a beer garden for hikers. An upscale gastronomy, meanwhile, seems to have no place in its concept.

The sale has now been confirmed by mayor edmund pirkelmann (BBS). The new owners of the pulvermuhle, on the other hand, could not be reached yesterday. According to pirkelmann, however, the notarized contract was concluded about a week ago with the help of a real estate agency in forchheim.

The purchase price and also the possible conversion and renovation costs of the traditional inn are still completely in the dark. According to pirkelmann, the city only heard about the sale because the new owner had asked the city whether he could also purchase a piece of city-owned land behind the pulvermuhle, on which garages are located. This is what pirkelmann assured the buyer.

Legend with the red vest
According to information from the burgermeister, the fink family and their two children want to move into the pulvermuhle themselves. Pirkelmann is also happy about the fact that the powder mill is to be managed again due to its history and that it is to be made accessible to the public.

Before the pulvermuhle was closed over a year ago, master chef christian bezold had run it together with his mother erika. After the death in march 2002 of kaspar bezold, who was known as the "pulvermuller with the red vest" had become a legend, his son christian had taken over the house.

The pulvermuhle became known throughout germany through the last meeting of "gruppe 47" in 1967. The meeting of well-known german writers and critics such as werner richter, gunter grass and marcel reich-ranicki was accompanied by student protests at the time.

The pulvermuhle also attracted attention when the quirky chess world champion bobby fischer hid from the public in the pulvermuhle for several months between 1990 and 1991. There, however, it was then also picked up by a reporter.

But the pulvermuhle also became a popular meeting place for fly fishermen from all over the world.

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