Fund-raising campaign: golden clapper “silvering” the hat

Fund-raising campaign: golden clapper 'silvering' the hat

Norbert neugebauer singing and playing for a good cause is twice as much fun in a happy atmosphere. 550 euros were therefore raised by the voluntary contributions of the 120 or so guests at the 18. Wirtshaussingen of the nordhalben branch of the frankenwaldverein in the barnyard of the "christoph" inn for the "1000 hearts for kronach" campaign.

"But the money goes back to your people", promised initiator gerhard burkert-mazur, who accepted the collection from the hat he passed around with heartfelt thanks. He also pointed out the rough gala in favor of the needy burgers in the rodachtal, which took place on 19. November will take place in the marktrodach event hall.

Usually out of the "hat" come the musicians remunerated, who however this time gladly on their "gage" waived. For the second time, the nordhalben v-town group held its popular community singing for the benefit of the aid campaign.

After the first few bars, the atmosphere was already great, and the guests soon began to sway. This time had chairman and "musician boss" michael wolf a cross-section from the "nordhalbener liederbuchla" compiled. During the interludes the troupe used rediscovered notes from the century before last, which are probably the oldest pieces of local musical compositions.

Wolf made his debut on an antique whistle, but "with the mouth and not with the bag" the bagpipes are blown (as opposed to the bagpipes), as the bandmaster expertly explained. In spite of the slanting and habitual sound, the musicians did not have to fear possible attacks from the audience, as they did in glosberg. Wolf, as always also the moderator of the evening, had a less than glorious story ready, which appeared in the daily press for a long time. In earlier days, a kerwa was held there, where people were eager to dance, but also stingy and thuggish. They not only refused to pay the musicians, but also fined them when they stopped playing.

Guests join in

Of course, such a thing does not exist among the well-mannered people of nordhalben, who are known to be generous – with gifts and with applause. The word must have got around, because this time a guest musician from stockheim was also there. Detlef heublein wanted to experience the meanwhile also regionally quite well known wirtshaussingen in the art and club municipality. But there was another guest appearance. A budding journalist, who was in nordhalben with a group for a community project, took over the "translation part" into high german with the "schafkopf-zwiefachen.

After the fixed part of the program, the musicians made their rounds through the rows of tables, each of whom was allowed to sing their favorite song. Of course, the "classics" were among them like the "bajazzo, "I saw a little ship sail" and the "johnny.

The next pub singing is scheduled for kerwa sunday, 29. September, at the "haus des gastes planned. As always, guests are welcome at all events of the frankenwaldverein in nordhalben.

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