Frankone lorenz heim becomes an aerial acrobat

FC 06 bad kissingen – TSV-DJK wiesentheid 1:2 (0:2). Goals: 0:1, 0:2 lukas huscher (16., 30.), 1:2 fuaad kheder (79.). The curse of the 06-er in the sportpark continues, also the third home game of the season was lost. This was all the more annoying because the previously winless wiesentheider were limited in terms of play, but with his mainly wide shots from the defensive line, the FC defense repeatedly faced problems. The decisive factor in the failure of the hosts, who were coached by head of defense christian heilmann in the absence of coach mario wirth, who was on vacation, was the poor build-up to the game. In the FC midfield, christian laus worked hard but found little support from his team-mates, especially in the first half. The steigerwalder took the lead after a long shot by christian enzbrenner through their forward lukas huscher. In turn, laus prufte with a flat shot gaste-keeper jan molitor, but this remained the only noteworthy offensive action of the platzherren before the side change. The latter conceded the second goal after half an hour when they failed to stop a pass from martin seitz and huscher easily pushed the ball over the goal line. After the break, heilmann brought on two fresh attacking players in ervin gergely and fuaad kheder, but the next good opportunity came from thomas latteier’s side: after a cross from huscher, jonathan popp headed just over the crossbar. After huscher had missed another gross chance (66.), the guests were leveled with increasing playing time and were lucky that a header by ruslan zhyvka after a corner by kheder was set too high. Two minutes later, kheder scored the next goal when gergely headed the ball into the back of the gaste defense after a long pass from heilmann. But that was it with the splendor of the kurstadter, which continued through inexplicable errors in the game structure again and again brought the opponent in ball possession. The latter was only interested in securing the lead, which was also achieved with an aggressive two-fight hardness. Sbp bad kissingen: fl. Rottenberger – muller (72. L. Rottenberger), heilmann, greubel, gotz – L. Hufner (51. Gergely), laus, schmitt – zhyvka, puscas (51. Kheder), ruja.

SV riedenberg – FC thulba 1:1 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 patrick barthelmes (10., penalty), 1:1 lorenz heim (76.).

A racy derby in front of almost 300 spectators full of emotion, passion and fighting spirit in the upper singrund did not find a winner in the end, but provided for proper fuel and discussions far beyond the 94 minutes of play. "We fought against a very strong team that demanded everything of us and gave us a lot of trouble, said afterwards riedenbergs new coach thorsten seufert, which had to help out due to acute personnel concerns as a central defender. "Thulba outplayed us in midfield with a very strong vicky kleinhenz and an equally strong julian wuscher. Clearly. The FC has given us over 90 minutes rough problems. That’s why it was worth its weight in gold for us to take an early lead."

In fact, the game began in mild summer weather in rhon from the point of view of the guests extremely unfortunate. FC-keeper daniel neder got completely lost in nirvana at the goal line during a riedenberg advance, philipp dorn set the entire franconian defense on fire with a curious arc lamp, and in the end riedenberg’s striker kevin lormehs was somewhat clumsily brought to heel by cedric werner. Strafstob. Patrick barthelmes drove the leather with taste to the inside post. From there, the ball rolled calmly behind the stunned daniel neder along the baseline into the net.

Julian wuscher turns up the heat

Victor kleinhenz described the penalty as at least controversial and had been happy about a penalty for the FC in the final phase, when the impartial jannik hofmann (alsleben) decided only on a free kick. "But I do not want to blame the referee, we had enough time to turn the game in our favor." Especially the busy julian wuscher got the grun-weiben only rarely under control. "Our goalkeeper florian dorn saved four or five high quality chances today. He anticipates cleverly. He knows exactly where the ball is going to go, decides early and always gets his hand on the ball", seufert praised the tight shots from wuscher, victor kleinhenz, fabio reub and markus kaufmann. In the second half, the home team retreated far into their own half and allowed the industrious franconians to run the ball. "We didn’t want to run into the open and act out of a secure defense. At least that was my idea of this game", so sighs. But the pressure on the grun-weibe back team grew minutlich. "We did really well then. A lot of possession, many good actions, enough shots on goal were also there", so victor kleinhenz. But a goal just would not fall. Only when florian dorn’s defense was too short and a bit too central after a corner, did lorenz heim discover the aerial acrobat in him and the leather hit the corner of the riedenberg box unstoppable. The grun-weiben immediately protested loudly because thorsten seufert had been pushed from behind. But this scene was not judged by the referee jannik hofmann in the sense of the angry rhoners. Bit riedenberg: fl. Dorn – konopka, seuring, seufert, V. Schaab – vorndran, barthelmes, spahn, ph. Thorn (46., markart) – wich (90., schafer), lormehs (86., eirich).

Thulba: neder – dusterwald (74. Graser), werner (64., gorlitz), hanelt, M. Gah (81., wolf) – kleinhenz, wuscher, S. Gah, reub – L. Home, kaufmann.

SV-DJK oberschwarzach – TSV munnerstadt 3:1 (1:1). Goals: 1:0 philipp mend (8.), 1:1 tobias krockel (12.), 2:1 philipp bott (87., own goal), 3:1 eric renno (93.).

"This was a typical result for a team that is placed in the bottom third of the table", TSV sports director gunter scheuring said after a game that was already under an unfavorable star for the lauertaler before kickoff. The squad, which was already decimated for vacation reasons, was missing the injured defensive organizer sebastian kohler and the captain hans-christian schmitt, who fell ill on the day of the game. Unsurprisingly, the visitors fell behind early on, but equalized when tobias krockel flicked the ball in for the equalizer. "From then on, the game was absolutely balanced, the team countered with a great willingness to run and again and again effectively disrupted the home team’s buildup of play.", informed scheuring further "it is always a good sign, if the opposing players go scolding into the cabin". After the change of sides, oberschwarzach tried more and more individual actions, but met a biting gaste team that shielded its goal well. While the nervousness at the steigerwalder with fortdauer of the game became more and more obvious, the tsvler reeled off the issued tactics skillfully and could already liebaugeln with a division of points. But then the favorite still managed to take the lead through the own goal scored under duress by philipp bott after a free cross by alexander greb. "Philipp, who had already in the first half once the ball with the head from the goal line befordergt, is there at all no reproach to make, that was simply bad luck", said scheuring. The guests stormed forward immediately after the whistle and conceded a goal in injury time. "If we go with the passion into the next home game against the krumer, a better result is not utopia", scheuring concluded his report. Sbp munnerstadt: buttner – M. Halupczok (80. Schmidtke), weber, bott, muller – markert, krockel, L. Schmittzeh, markart – katzenberger, fleischmann. In addition, dettelbach and local parts – DJK dampfach played 1:1 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 daniel barth (23.), 1:1 lois jilke (47.).

TSV forst – DJK altbessingen 2:2 (0:0). Goals: 1:0 fabian memmel (50.), 1:1 kai herold (72.), 2:1 tobias during (77.), 2:2 niklas full (78.). FSV krum – FT schweinfurt 1:4 (0:2). Goals: 0:1 dominik popp (41.), 0:2 rico geiling (44.), 0:3 rico geiling (67.), 1:3 jonas schmitt (83.), 1:4 yannik saal (86.) SV-DJK unterspiesheim – TSV bergrheinfeld 2:2 (2:2). Goals: 1:0 christoph pickel (15.), 2:0 patrick wolf (20.), 2:1 felix kilian (31., hand penalty), 2:2 markus friedel (34.),

TSV gochsheim – SV rodelmaier 0:0. Yellow-red: marcel volkmuth (67., rodelmaier).

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