Four new coveralls donated to aid organization

The ASB kronach district association was able to receive a special kind of kleinderspende these days. Nancy baier's textile business in tettau organized four brand-new overalls for the emergency services department of ASB kronach. The ASB is bavaria's second-largest aid organization – for three years now also in the district of kronach. In addition to the nursing homes in marktrodach and rothenkirchen – as well as outpatient care, the ASB is now also involved in the area of sanitation/rescue services and disaster control. With over 30 active helpers, the number of members tripled within a short time. The volunteers are active in the rescue dog squad as well as in the field of sanitary services.
In the future, two ambulances with a southern location in the county and a northern location can be staffed and maintained on a volunteer basis. Ingo holzmann and silke thannhauser were able to receive four service overals worth almost 1,000 euros for the service vehicles. The handover took place during a training course in trauma care "trema". Dierk beckroge informed about the new trauma management in theoretical and practical training units.

Tactical emergency medicine

In tactical emergency medicine, the overall situation must always be assessed. Not only a possible threat situation, but also the requirements of the operation, in which the emergency has occurred, must be taken into account. Standardization and team-oriented procedure according to "established algorithms" and the "common language" that has developed as a result had led to an improvement in patient care.

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