For heart and soul

For heart and soul

Presenter rainer ludwig offered a somewhat different christmas to the almost 700 visitors in the dr.-stammberger hall – at least during the main part of "the magic of christmas. Far away from sentimentalism and superficial showmanship, the interpreters took the stage. Their music delighted heart and soul and expressed piety.

First the soli of premiere guest mario K. From the zillertal with the styrian harmonica, who impressed with his bright voice and prepared the ground for an evening full of silence and sustainability.

Followed by the "kastelruther mannerquartett, rustic guys from the heart of sudtirol, equipped with an impressive clean articulation and a full volume. Stefan, josef, robert and ewald have mastered the concertante, sacral dramaturgy of choral singing. The four intoned "bajazzo", "la montanara" or "marie betlemme beautiful. The tyrolean folk songs spread pure melancholy and the wish for a fairer world. The lyrics were read by helga mahlknecht, yodeling onomatopoeia embellished the whole thing.

A real enrichment

The quartet was also instrumentally convincing on two trumpets, one tuba and the tenor horn, a real enrichment of the three-hour concert.

For sigrid& marina is almost a second home to kulmbach, five performances in the beer town have made her famous in this country. This time they succeeded splendidly to form a contrasting program, first devotional, carried pieces with sensitive devotion, later the atmospheric firecrackers. Inspired by the grobglockner, the highest mountain in austria, they intoned "ave montagna" and lit the light in the lantern – as a sign of longing, hope and love. " A christmas like it used to be" and the "bells of stella maria" emphasized once again their understanding for sophisticated folklore.

The siblings from the salzkammergut near the wolfgang lake can also do differently. For the two then formally exploded and put their listeners in a new year’s eve party mood. There they flew together to heaven and not only to home, singing at the top of their voices "que sera" and even the bierzelt song "left, right, forward, back".

Maybe it’s rainer ludwig’s secret to bring a bit of explosiveness into the christmas magic, the dose was right, as could be seen from the reaction of the audience.

For the acclaimed finale, all the performers took to the stage and once again showed off their solo qualities. They were carried on a wave of sympathy.

Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein, a self-confessed fan of folk music, had come from kronach. "I am grateful to rainer ludwig for bringing this genre to upper franconia and especially to kulmbach and kronach." Also the ebersdorfer lothar stegner revealed himself as a permanent guest of "magic of christmas": "it was once again worthwhile to be here, in the light of the popular hit."

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