Fiber optics in neuenmarkt: a wish soon becomes reality?

The master plan for the further expansion of the data highway in the area of the municipality of neuenmarkt was presented at the most recent meeting of the municipal council. The long-term goal is clearly defined: fiber to every home.

Mayor siegfried decker (NG) made it clear that the municipality had "invested a lot of money in high-speed internet in recent years" through the bavarian demand program had. Around 150 households have been converted to fiber optics, primarily in the home area. "As a result, we can offer 500 megabits at our association school, for example. That’s what we need to set up digital classrooms, because that wasn’t possible with copper technology", according to decker.

Without a claim it does not work

The aim is to gradually expand the fiber-optic network to cover the whole country. "For this, we need more demand programs – and we need to use synergy effects in upcoming deep-tree inspections. The master plan tells us how to do it."

The planning and consulting services are free of charge, the mayor says. The municipality has received a pledge of up to 50,000 euros from the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure.

A lot of money goes into civil engineering

Enrico meierhof, who is responsible for planning and project management at reuther netconsulting, explained that fiber to the home offers an infinitely high bandwidth "up to the terabit range" bring. The master plan is binding for all expansion and companies. Meierhof made clear that the expansion is usually done successively, rarely at the sticks.

The costs were between 4000 and 6000 euros per building, two-thirds of which were civil engineering costs. Cost savings are certainly possible here through civil engineering synergies. "The master plan shows which material has to be laid where so that a structured, flat-covering and economically optimized fiber-optic network can gradually be created in every house, enrico meierhof continued. Currently, only 15 percent of all houses in the municipality are supplied with fiber optics.

"Prosperity of tomorrow

The fiber optic network made it possible for several providers to offer their services independently of one another. After completion of the master plan, the municipality will have a structured network "but we have to make the providers think again and use the master plan as a basis for planning", clarified the expert. Fiber optics means "tomorrow’s prosperity", meierhof castle.

Dieter muhlbauer (SPD open list), the community’s broadband sponsor, said it was a pipe dream that neuenmarkt would be able to afford further fiber optic expansion on its own: "because we can’t afford it and we don’t want it."

On the first change of the development plan for the industrial area "hegnabrunn-sud the council has received the comments on the concerns and suggestions that have been raised. As mayor siegfried decker indicated, the change refers exclusively to the business properties of the gammisch group of companies. The private grundstucke at the sailweg were not affected by it. The company wants to adapt the existing development and implement the compensatory measures under nature conservation law. An increase of the sealed areas is not planned, also there will be no interference with the water right.

New playgrounds

Sonja promeuschel (NG) also addressed the issue of immission control. After no statements were made in the development plan, this is to be made up for. In particular, unacceptable alarm immissions should be avoided.

The mayor also announced that the purchase of new game machines for about 5000 euros was ordered. Decker made it clear that in the future the playground inspection should take place with an expert.

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