Death and horror in mexico – earthquake kills at least 224 people

At least 224 people killed in devastating earthquake in mexico. Interior minister miguel angel osorio chong said in a television interview early wednesday morning (local time). According to the report, so far 117 deaths have been paid in mexico city, 55 in the state of morelos and 39 in puebla. The national civil defense coordinator gave the number of dead shortly thereafter as 226.

Faced with desperate rescue efforts, president enrique pena nieto urged the population to stay indoors: "if the houses are safe, it is important that the population stays indoors to keep the roads clear for ambulances and facilitate the work of rescue workers", he said in a video message. The search for missing persons and the medical care of the injured now have top priority.

Link to picture gallery: severe earthquake in mexico – the ausmab of the damage

the massive earthquake was centered about 120 kilometers southeast of mexico city at midday tuesday mexican local time. A school in the center of mexico city collapsed during the quake. 25 people were killed, as education minister aurelio nuno mayer said, many children and adults were still missing. Rescue workers try to pull survivors out of the school trunks with shovels and hands.
The number of dead was allowed to rise further. As many buildings have collapsed in the capital, more victims were expected. Deaths also occurred in the states of mexico (12) and guerrero (1).

On the anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 1985, of all days, the earth shook again violently. 32 years ago, around 10,000 people lost their lives. About two hours before the violent earthquake on tuesday, many authorities, companies and schools were still participating in the annual earthquake cleanup.

At least 38 buildings collapsed in mexico city alone. The airport was closed and inspected for damage. Damaged hospitals were evacuated. According to the electricity company CFE, at least 3.8 million people were without power.

U.S. President donald trump wrote on twitter: "god bless the people of mexico city." We stand by your side.
A dpa reporter reported swaying buildings in the capital and the smell of gas. Thousands of angry people flooded the streets and squares. The telephone network collapsed. TV images showed people buried in rubble in grief-stricken areas.

About 20 million people live in the capital and the surrounding metropolitan area. The university of mexico city said all classes and events are canceled until further notice to inspect the buildings for damage. Schools also suspended classes.

Internet videos showed people fearing for their lives, screaming, crying. Huge chunks of rock and facades fell off buildings. The situation was initially completely unclear. People received infusions in the open air, rescuers searched for survivors with bare hands in the gullies.

Several aftershocks added to the fear of the people shortly afterwards. As the national seismological institute announced on twitter, aftershocks were measured tuesday evening and wednesday night (local time) in the state of oaxaca, located southeast of mexico city, among other places. The coastal region outside the city of salina cruz was affected several times, the most severe aftershock had a magnitude of 4.9. In an inland quake near the city of loma bonita, the institute gave a magnitude of 4.0.

Only on 7. In september, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake killed about 100 people in the country, but the center was in the pacific and had not been felt in mexico's city for a long time. After that there were well over a thousand aftershocks.

Mexico is located in one of the world's most active earthquake zones. The major part of the land mass lies on the westward moving north american earth plate. The cocos plate, which is slowly moving to the northeast, slides beneath them. The floor of the pacific ocean thus submerges beneath the mexican land mass. This continues to cause severe shocks that threaten the country.

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