Cruel tales from the new sensory morning sun

Cruel tales from the new sensory morning sun

Detective meredith young has another case. This time it’s about a murder of a girl, a little beauty queen. "Mother, father, dead the novel by nina kutscher, a self-made author from neuensorg, was recently published as a book and e-book on amazon. In normal life, she sits on the office team of coburg’s district administrator sebastian straubel, almost certainly she would also make a good figure as a criminalist. Because she approaches her stories with meticulousness and commitment.

When asked how much nina has in meredith, the 37-year-old first laughs. Of course, this question had to come. But she still has to think a bit before she gets the decisive common ground formulated succinctly: "she’s also a dedicated type like me and burns for her job." Nina kutscher not only burns for her job at the district office, but also for writing. In her research, she gathers background information from specialists, which leads to a circle of acquaintances that is quite bizarre for outsiders. The coroner alfred riepertinger and the former head of the munich homicide commission, josef wilfling, are among them – both have therefore already been guests at readings in the coburg district administration office.

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The author pulls her fifth book out of the bag with special pride. For the first time, a self-published kutscher novel has a graphically designed cover. This was designed by her colleague christine chimienti from the district administration office, who has become a part of the story as a thank-you for it. Also the "people with a really good knowledge of german", the "mother, father, dead" before the publication have proof-read, originate from the colleague and friend circle. "But only in his free time, the 37-year-old emphasizes with a serious look for once. That’s the way it is with self-publishing: you have to organize everything yourself.

A local crime novel is coming

Of course, it also has its advantages. Nina kutscher does not have a publisher who puts on the pressure and sets publication dates in advance. She thinks that’s okay: "I don’t have to force myself to write." That’s why the strict eye of the editors is missing. "Such a handful of mistakes", the neuensorger only recently learned of it from a colleague, are therefore in her book. The author is admittedly upset by this, but it doesn’t exactly hit her to the core. She can even laugh again and say: "10 mistakes on 235 pages are more than bearable for a non-professional, isn’t it??"

"Mother, father, dead" with a five-year-old victim, and based on a true story – nina kutscher’s fifth novel sounds bleak. Nothing for the christmas season, or? Yes, yes, says the author: "just because the story is set at christmas time." But she also admits that the title and the events in the book are not necessarily contemplative. They were written in the summer. The 37-year-old likes to sit on her terrace after work or on days off in the morning and write away in the sun. Yes, that’s one way of putting it, the author sums up after a brief pause: "I like to write gruesome stories in the early morning," she says." It takes six months to three quarters of a year to complete a project. When, as in "mother, father, dead", a true incident forms the basis, a little faster.

So it probably won’t be long before nina kutscher’s sixth work hits the market. Josef wilfling (who once solved the sedlmayr murder) has brought her to a true case from a town in franconia, which even the experienced criminalist still can’t let go of today. "A homeland thriller", says the author, will it become. There she has with "from childhood on" yes also already one written. Presumably the next project will be a cooperation of the author duo wilfling/kutscher, with a bit of luck even with a renowned publishing house as publisher. If that doesn’t work, nina kutscher does it on her own: "i don’t write to become a millionaire." But because she burns for it.

What nina kutscher has already written

Books: nina kutscher has already published "one man’s joy, another man’s sorrow" (published: october 2013); "matricide" (august 2014); "from childhood on" (september 2015); "love is eternal, revenge is mortal" (april 2017).

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