Creativity in kronach

Creativity in Kronach


The kronacher kunstverein (KKV) has chosen the term "cohesion", which serves as a yardstick for a functioning society, as the theme for its annual exhibition with 36 artists, most of them from the regional area. Sabine raithel, chairman of the board, opened the meeting by explaining that for the association, cohesion consists of stable, trusting and multifaceted social relationships. One sees a positive emotional connection with the community, whose basic order is accepted as fair, and the readiness of the people to stand up for the general public and for weaker people.

Cohesion was often in demand this year when, due to the corona, half of the program had to be cancelled and various artists had to cancel their performances. However, under the motto "we never sleep," a nationally acclaimed exhibition of works by the berlin light artist susanne rottenbacher and the installation artist markus butkereit took place. On the basis of this very successful exhibition, new contacts were established with renowned galleries, which became aware of the work of the KKV.

A thousand-assassa with a zest for experimentation

The annual exhibition was coupled with a special show on the occasion of the 80th birthday of peter bannert. Peter bannert's birthday. After working for well-known companies such as blaupunkt, olympia, bosch and junkers, his path led him to loewe in kronach in 1983 . He was responsible for the chic appearance of award-winning consumer electronics before he went into business for himself with bannert design in kronach later on. Sabine raithel described peter bannert as an "ace of all trades" who likes to experiment and also likes to use unusual materials. For bannert, who describes himself as a designer, it is first and foremost the beautiful appearance that is decisive. A cross-section of bannert's artistic work was therefore shown as part of the annual exhibition.

The annual exhibition, the last in the year's arc of the association's activities, was introduced by board member karin elsel. The participating members were able to present a colorful variety of artistic works to a wide audience. The thematic diversity of the exhibited works with paintings, drawings, prints, photography, object art, sculpture and video art, as well as the artistic, intellectual and emotional quality illustrates a remarkable potential of contemporary art. The viewer can expect innovative ways of thinking and seeing, unusual perspectives, inspiring confrontations with reality as well as intensive discourses of colors and forms.

The exhibition is open until 18. December and open thursday to sunday from 3 to 6 p.M. Each day.

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