Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

To combat child poverty in germany, the german children’s fund has called for an overall strategy from policymakers.

An interdepartmental plan between the federal government, the states and the municipalities is necessary in order to provide children and families with sufficient material security and to give them equal opportunities. Germany, as one of the richest countries in the world, must pay more attention to the issue, said the organization’s president, thomas kruger, in berlin at the presentation of the "kinderreport 2018". Individual measures such as an increase in child benefit are not enough.

Kruger spoke out in favor of the introduction of a basic child allowance that is independent of the financial possibilities of the family. According to the report, families with higher incomes have so far been relieved more than families with lower incomes. Benefits often bypassed eligible people because of weaknesses in the system.

The non-profit association bases its demands on the results of surveys of about 1000 adults and 620 minors in germany. A majority assessed the extent of activities against child poverty in this country as rather low. When asked about the causes of child poverty, respondents particularly agreed with the answer that incomes were too low.

The report does not presuppose a definition of child poverty, nor does it contain its own surveys on the incidence of poverty. In studies, children are often considered to be at risk of poverty if they live in a household with less than 60 percent of the average household net income.

"The results confirm my belief that we must do more for families with low incomes," federal family minister katarina barley (SPD) stated. Lower saxony’s minister president stephan weil (SPD) said at the presentation of the report with a view to the coalition negotiations that he did not yet see "the patent remedy" against child poverty, but that overall a step forward was being taken.

The CDU/CSU and SPD have so far agreed to increase child benefits by 25 euros per child per month. The child allowance for low-income children is also to be increased. Children’s rights to be enshrined in the basic law.

According to data from the european statistical office eurostat, the proportion of children and young people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in germany has risen slightly since 2005 – from 17.9 percent to 19.3 percent in 2016. More recent data not yet available.

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