Focus on Gundelsdorf issues

The people of gundelsdorf liked to have their say – even without a town councilor and local spokesman having a say in urban politics. This was shown by a lively discussion about the concerns of the kronach district, which has a population of just under 600, to which the CSU local association of gundelsdorf had invited people under the leadership of ludwig gerber.

Second mayor angela hofmann (CSU) said at the beginning of the public discussion that the framework conditions had developed positively in recent years. This way, the debt could be reduced from 60 to 15 million euros, so that even as a consolidating municipality, it was possible to invest again.

Rugendorf fights for its store

"When a community loses the ability to provide itself with fresh food, it has a huge negative impact, mayor martin weib comments on the latest development. For the attractiveness of rugendorf, especially for the settlement of new citizens, a grocery store is an absolute must, in addition to the two banks, the two doctors, the dentist, the school, the childcare, the restaurants and the recreational facilities. "The entire town council is of the opinion that we must do everything necessary to ensure that rugendorf retains a shopping facility."

Weib sees the reason why the first attempt to set up a village store some time ago was not successful: many burghers thought rugendorf didn't need it. But now the situation has changed. "And the people of rugendorf should also think of the elderly citizens who need a place to shop in the town. Every rugendorfer should contribute his mite to establish and maintain the store", says the mayor.

The performance of the 150 or so volunteers from the local DLRG association in bamberg-gaustadt and their 157 colleagues from the bavarian DLRG youth association was more than impressive over the weekend for the german championship in rescue swimming. After all, it was necessary to accommodate, look after and provide for around 2,000 participants – including more than 1,000 swimmers, 117 competition judges and 80 people in the organizational area – for four days.

"We have been working on the preparations for two years. We had to do a lot of talking and also a lot of persuasion work, concluded gerhard ohlein, first chairman of the DLRG bamberg-gaustadt. After all, it took five bamberg schools alone to accommodate the many participants during the weekend. But there was also a lot of food and equipment to be brought in.

At least 224 people killed in devastating earthquake in mexico. Interior minister miguel angel osorio chong said in a television interview early wednesday morning (local time). According to the report, so far 117 deaths have been paid in mexico city, 55 in the state of morelos and 39 in puebla. The national civil defense coordinator gave the number of dead shortly thereafter as 226.

Faced with desperate rescue efforts, president enrique pena nieto urged the population to stay indoors: "if the houses are safe, it is important that the population stays indoors to keep the roads clear for ambulances and facilitate the work of rescue workers", he said in a video message. The search for missing persons and the medical care of the injured now have top priority.

The question "what do I wear today??" The answer for several hundred students at the habfurt school center was quickly found yesterday: it definitely had to be something blue. The young people set a sign in the form of a blue ribbon and wanted to draw attention to a rare disease that has hardly been taken into account by research so far: CFS/ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis. With the symbol and their signatures, the schoolchildren want to support a plea to the federal government that research be carried out in this field.

Schuler’s mother falls ill

"A mother of one of our schoolchildren is ill with CFS, and so the schoolchildren stumbled upon the initiative of mathias ilka", angelika reinhart from the "living room" explains the origin of the action. Class 9b of the secondary school took the initiative and contacted mathias ilka. His then 23-year-old son simon fell ill three years ago.
At first everything looked like a harmless cold, then the young man collapsed several times at work. Why, that remained puzzling at first. No examination revealed any findings, but simon’s condition deteriorated visibly. He was in pain, ended up in a wheelchair. At the institute for medical immunology at the charite in berlin, they finally got to the bottom of the disease. Simon is now a total nursing case.

Langendorf school is fit for the future

The work is done: the complete renovation of the johannes-petri school was completed with an inauguration ceremony. A primary and secondary school equipped for future requirements, which for mayor karlheinz kickuth includes three important aspects: integration, inclusion and all-day care.

The integration of young immigrants from different cultures, people with disabilities and all-day care bring new tasks with them – also for the school principals in the state, who complain about a lack of time and too little support from the ministry of education, said the head of the town hall. "The trouble is rough, because things are much better at other schools, as reported by the bavarian association of head teachers", added kickuth.

Experiencing a demonstration of faith

In catholic parishes, corpus christi is a powerful demonstration of faith. About 100 years ago, there was a large corpus christi procession in herzogenaurach.

The local historian of herzogenaurach, luitpold maier, has handed it down: there was the procession on fronleichnam itself, another one on the following thursday, which took place outside the town center. The way on fronleichnam was similar to the current procession way, but it was lined with four altars where the beginnings of the four gospels were sung.