Luther and cranach in postcard format

"You've got mail" – in the early 1990s, the arrival of an electronic message was still worth a prosaic announcement. Since then, the english word has become more of a hip zeitgeist in german usage than it really deserves: after all, it refers to nothing other than the good old post office. In exactly this old-fashioned sense, ingo cesaro's analog, i.E. Physically present, mailbox has been filled with postcards from all over the world over the past few weeks. Watercolors, collages, drawings, etchings, portraits, alienated original motifs, typography – as colorful and diverse as the entries were, they all had one common thread: cranach and luther.

Original with postmark

This was the title of an international mail art project by the artist ingo cesaro from kronach. Anyone can participate in such a project, whether they are an artist, see themselves as such, or simply want to join in. Condition is: the original bears a postmark and it stays with the initiator, who exhibits it and documents it in a catalog or on the web. "It is a net movement", explains cesaro. Art is distributed non-commercially in the network, bypassing the usual, often elitist distribution through dealers, galleries and museums.

The village has 55 inhabitants (as of june 2020). 44 people are entitled to vote here. On a signature list, which is a prerequisite for the election of a local representative, at least one third of these eligible voters must sign up. That had been in the case of messenfeld 14 persons, even 25 have signed however. The interest in an official contact person is consequently rough. The former municipal councillor, 38-year-old markus knipper, represents messenfeld as local spokesman. In the interview, he explains what needs to be done here and how the cooperation with his colleague from neudorf is working out. You are native from messenfeld or how long there already resident? Markus knipper: I was born in messenfeld and also grew up here. In between, i spent weeks studying in regenstauf and rosenheim. In 2009/2010, we renovated an old outbuilding on my parents’ property, where i live with my family. You already have local political experience as a municipal councilor – will you apply again at the next election?? I think i will stand again in the 2026 election. The result of the election in march 2020 showed that I received even more votes than in the election in 2014, when I was elected to the municipal council. In addition, the local political work in the municipal council has made me a lot of fun, and you could still so much about his community or. Learning about one’s homeland. The mayor spoke of fiber optic expansion – what is the supply like so far?. Is there a real need? Is that what the measuring fields say or is it simply due to the development of the times, in order not to be hung out to dry? The fiber optic expansion is currently a major issue. In any case, there is also a need in messenfeld, no matter if young or old. I would almost say that in messenfeld almost every household uses the internet, except for one or two exceptions. Many use it for everyday use, online shopping, social media, gaming and streaming, to stay in touch with family and friends; but also for work in the home office and homeschooling, a flat-area and high-performance internet is essential in the current situation. In principle I am of the opinion that the internet pays in our time with a certain basic supply and it should be made available to everyone. Do you have hobbies or are you in a club?? I am outdoors a lot with our dogs, I like to work in the forest or do handicrafts. I occasionally go hunting with our hunting leaseholder in the messenfeld hunting area. I’m deputy chairman of the local CSU association west of the main. The relationship to the local representative georg schauer from neudorf, which is only one kilometer away, is a very good one – do they know each other from the community work or from earlier times?? I’ve known georg since we were in school, he was a few grades above me, but we went to school the same way. Later we were in the voluntary fire department messenfeld-neudorf and some years ago we have represented our villages together in a small working group on the topic of wind power with wind turbine operators. Even so, we meet from time to time and exchange news from the villages or the municipality. Why can’t one representative or local spokesman represent both places (messenfeld and neudorf)?? Is that what the citizens want? I think we can be quite satisfied with the solution of a local speaker and a local representative. In this way, one person from each village is elected as a citizen representative, and one can naturally support and complement each other. What must be done in the village? What have you as a council initiated, which is now still finished? At the moment, of course, the fiber-optic expansion is the top priority, the street lamps are to be converted to LED, and there are some other smaller things like flat design, preservation of natural monuments, and the playground. Last question: how is the wire to the city hall?? The wire to the city hall is super, uncomplicated, familiar and friendly. I personally have not had any difficulties, I was always helped with any problem. The questions were asked by monika schutz.

Homeschooling between longing and forced digitization

The good news first: in one week there will be vacations. Officially, two-thirds of homeschooling is done. Even if the school closures continue, there will be a break for the time being.

A first small survey among schoolchildren, teachers and parents has shown that everyone has found a certain structure for themselves. Still, there is no such thing as routine. Home schooling remains a challenge for everyone:

After death of 14-year-old: school plans memorial service for keira

After the violent death of 14-year-old keira in berlin, her school is planning a memorial service. The exact date, however, has not yet been set, said principal thomas barthl of the grunen campus malchow.

It is conceivable, he said, that a memorial service will be held before the school vacations, which will take place in berlin on 26. March start. "There is still grief and bewilderment, there are questions that no one can answer," is how barthl described the mood in the school on tuesday. Five school psychologists are on site. "But there are isolated students who are unable to come to class," he said.

top training is rewarded

In a cellar on the rehberg lives a witch who specializes in career prophecies for young people. Two perplexed young men taste her magic potion and suddenly know exactly where to go: a suit and tie jumps out of the pot, along with a training contract at the sparkasse.

Trainees had a free hand

The school sports facility in breitengubbach is to be overhauled. Now the design planning has been presented to the municipal council. For about 1.2 million euros, the land should shine in new splendor and again fulfill all the necessary functions. More extensive construction work is needed for it.

Max brust from the engineering firm weyrauther explained to the committee what will happen at the school sports facility. "We have had agreements with the school management and the municipality, and have thus determined the necessary m." The circular track, the 100-meter track, the long jump and shot put facility as well as the surface of the multi-purpose field are to be renewed. In addition, a fence is to be erected and a ball catcher fence installed in some areas. Initial work has already begun, for example on demolition.

Hollywood in the bad bruckenau high school

A touch of film gala glamour spurred the audience in the auditorium of the bad bruckenau franz-miltenbeger gymnasium. The reason: the film group minzfilm under the direction of film teacher heiko berner presented eleven short films in 90 minutes, which had been produced in the past four years at the FMG.

Freshly roasted popcorn

Important for this gala flair were the two presenters of the evening, yannick hahn and marius haberlein, who with a lot of charm and a pleasant pinch of irony entertained the "wonderful audience" to the short night of the short films buried. Dressed in black suits, they briefly introduced each of the films in four presentation blocks. Meanwhile, the smell of freshly popped popcorn lingered over the auditorium.

More than a coarse cake

Does food actually taste better when you know who lovingly prepared it?? With the fresh and varied dishes of the menufaktur kulmbach, an increase hardly seems possible. Or else? 54 employees ensure that around 2700 portions are delivered to their "eaters" every day come. This includes the acceptance of the goods, which are mainly supplied by regional partners, their storage and preparation.

"Today is a good day"

Through a corridor of the long building in the E.-C.-baumann-strabe flits marianne. "Today is a good day, the blonde woman tells everyone she meets and infects them with her energy. Before she was hired as a school principal, she had not had it easy in her career. The menufaktur has caught her and offers her a protected setting.

At its meeting, the ebelsbach community council also discussed the installation of photovoltaic systems on community roofs and the question of a new building area in rudendorf.

Both items were the subject of motions from community councilor alexander kab (). With regard to photovoltaic systems, he referred to the fight against climate change and presented a concept "with which we as a community can generate, store and distribute our own electricity". The electricity is produced by a photovoltaic system on the school in rudendorf, is stored in an electricity reservoir and is available at night, for example. Surplus electricity will be fed into the power grid and credited to an electricity account. Then this electricity could be drawn from the grid again, he said.

Weisendorfers see where their help arrives

Two delegations have traveled to zubza in nagaland, india, in the past few weeks. The partnership with the village in northern india, 7500 kilometers away, has now existed for more than twelve years. It was founded by elementary school students from weisendorf who wanted to support their peers. Over the years, the relationship has strengthened, and a few years ago a new school was built and a school partnership was established with the weisendorf school.

Both travel groups now visited this school, three years after the first visit. The first delegation was accompanied by weisendorf's mayor heinrich sub (UWG). The second visit, which is still ongoing, will take place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the. Anniversary of the parish of st. Maria goretti instead. Bishop thoppil already spent several days in seebachgrund in may.