The municipality has problems with its 'herrschaftsfeld' building area

At its most recent meeting on monday, the municipal council once again refused to approve the construction of a new residential building with parking spaces in the "herrschaftsfeld" area. With the exception of mayor martin rauscher (uwn), the committee rejected the building application. It took the position that the deviations from the development plan were too significant, as the requested eaves height of 8.29 meters was too excessive. The problem: in the same building area already exemptions were approved.

The case is viewed differently by the lower building supervisory authority of the district office, whose representative had inspected the property and determined that the change to the "herrschaftsfeld" development plan was not necessary had gone very unhappily. In the case of a further change, due to the topographical situation, it would probably no longer be possible to build a house in the approval exemption procedure. "Setting a maximum eaves height of six meters is hardly feasible with two full stories", the representative of the building supervisory authority stated.

Even rain does not stop the wood type

Last saturday, in persistent rain and cold, wet air, the "holzart kronach" was held reopened. Numerous art lovers nevertheless did not spoil the mood and enjoyed marveling at the different sculptures. More than ten different works of art were presented by the international artists, who were praised by initiator ingo cesaro. "It is a great pleasure to be able to gather a group of artists in the district together with their works of art", so cesaro.
The artist from kronach also had nothing but praise for the sponsors, which included the KMW foundation in marktrodach, two banks based in kronach, various companies and market towns, and private donors. Since there are so many donations and supporters, ingo cesaro has also had a thank-you plaque made, which now lines the stairway to rosenberg fortress together with the sculptures by the artists. The new "gatekeeper" is particularly conspicuous here, made by tom kus, a czech sculptor from pilsen.
Among the other presenters was district administrator klaus loffler, who praised the commitment of all the artists and ingo cesaros. Culture, art and variety, that’s what the "holzart" is all about exhibition to kronach, loffler had positive points throughout.

The two men have got a real top spot at the world cultural heritage run (WKEL) in bamberg on this sunday afternoon: not far from the finish line at maximiliansplatz, they are cheering for the many runners off the track. Not only because of the fantastic temperatures, the friends draw a positive conclusion: "great weather, many spectators, no incidents. What more could you want?", the bambergers are pleased.

Indeed, the eighth edition of the popular bamberger volkslauf on the last day of april was once again a special event: around 11300 athletes and more than 30,000 fans had traveled to the event. Nevertheless, the seven competitions went smoothly over the stage. "It was a very quiet operation overall", bamberg's police spokeswoman silke gahn summed up the situation.