Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

To combat child poverty in germany, the german children’s fund has called for an overall strategy from policymakers.

An interdepartmental plan between the federal government, the states and the municipalities is necessary in order to provide children and families with sufficient material security and to give them equal opportunities. Germany, as one of the richest countries in the world, must pay more attention to the issue, said the organization’s president, thomas kruger, in berlin at the presentation of the "kinderreport 2018". Individual measures such as an increase in child benefit are not enough.

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

At the meeting of the oberaurach town council on thursday, it was decided that, as part of the renewal of the state road2274 between dankenfeld and schindelsee, the existing sidewalk at the exit of dankenfeld should be maintained. Construction work is already underway. The 300-meter-long footpath that leads to the "seesbuhl" junction is a very special one will not receive street lighting, explained mayor thomas sechser (CSU). At the suggestion of councilman klaus thomas, however, it will be examined whether empty pipes can be laid in order to facilitate a possible later extension with street lamps.

142 000 euro total cost

The total cost of the acceptance is approximately 142,000 euros, which includes the cost of land acquisition, surveying, and compensation for the state building office for taking over the planning, construction management, and other administrative tasks. An agreement to this effect has been concluded with the state building authority. The municipality is applying for a grant and is expected to receive a 60 to 65 percent subsidy from the state’s financial equalization funds.

The ASB kronach district association was able to receive a special kind of kleinderspende these days. Nancy baier's textile business in tettau organized four brand-new overalls for the emergency services department of ASB kronach. The ASB is bavaria's second-largest aid organization – for three years now also in the district of kronach. In addition to the nursing homes in marktrodach and rothenkirchen – as well as outpatient care, the ASB is now also involved in the area of sanitation/rescue services and disaster control. With over 30 active helpers, the number of members tripled within a short time. The volunteers are active in the rescue dog squad as well as in the field of sanitary services.
In the future, two ambulances with a southern location in the county and a northern location can be staffed and maintained on a volunteer basis. Ingo holzmann and silke thannhauser were able to receive four service overals worth almost 1,000 euros for the service vehicles. The handover took place during a training course in trauma care "trema". Dierk beckroge informed about the new trauma management in theoretical and practical training units.

Tactical emergency medicine

In tactical emergency medicine, the overall situation must always be assessed. Not only a possible threat situation, but also the requirements of the operation, in which the emergency has occurred, must be taken into account. Standardization and team-oriented procedure according to "established algorithms" and the "common language" that has developed as a result had led to an improvement in patient care.

u.s. massively restricts military aid to egypt

The delivery of military hardware and direct financial support will be halted until progress is made toward democracy, according to the department of defense in washington.

Specifically, deliveries of fighter jets, attack helicopters, crude tanks and missiles were canceled, pentagon officials said wednesday. U.S. Responds to militar’s hard line in cairo. The U.S. Had already halted delivery of several F-16 fighter jets weeks ago.

Hochstadt traffic wardens practice with seniors

"For me, a driver’s license means quality of life, says hans munck from herzogenaurach, summing up why most seniors did not want to give up this form of mobility. But what happens when reaction speed and agility decrease, insecurities increase and driving becomes a danger??

Politicians are discussing revoking drivers’ licenses after a certain age or making examinations compulsory. The traffic police prefer to rely on the drivers’ own responsibility and preventive training. Siegfried nurnberger, chairman of the hochstadter verkehrswacht, and his team therefore organize a driving course several times a year that is specially tailored to senior citizens.

Hulkenberg to lotus or ferrari? - 'everything still open'

Being the new teammate of triple world champion sebastian vettel at red bull and fighting for the title will probably remain a dream for nico hulkenberg for the time being. But a move to lotus or ferrari seems quite realistic.

Sauber driver hulkenberg has long attracted the interest of several top formula 1 teams. Meanwhile, the racing driver slows down when asked about his chances of promotion. "Let’s wait and see how things develop," said hulkenberg in an interview with the dpa news agency ahead of the hungarian grand prix this weekend in budapest. He also doesn’t know when the decision will be made.

Special meeting on s 21 on 5. Marz planned

The bahn executive board met for a regular meeting in berlin on the same day. Stuttgart 21 also played a role here. He did not know anything about the details of the board discussions, a railroad spokesman said when asked.

The "stuttgarter nachrichten" (tuesday) reported that the executive board wants to agree on a strategy for future discussions with the supervisory board, the federal government and the project partners of the state, city and region of baden-wurttemberg. For days, there have also been discussions about a possible withdrawal from the construction project, which includes an underground transit station in the center of stuttgart and a connection to a high-speed rail line.

Winfried Kretschmann receives medal against the seriousness of animals

Germany’s first and so far only green minister-president winfried kretschmann has received the aachener orden wider den tierischen ernst (order against animal seriousness).

With his fine sense of humor, kretschmann is a leading figure in german politics, said the chairman of the aachen carnival association, werner pfeil, at the award ceremony on saturday. Kretschmann is as quick-witted in his language as he is thoughtful in the matter at hand. "Often the people understand it even better than their own party," said pfeil. Kretschmann’s claim to take every person as he is is the swabian form of "everyone is different".

Creativity in Kronach

The kronacher kunstverein (KKV) has chosen the term "cohesion", which serves as a yardstick for a functioning society, as the theme for its annual exhibition with 36 artists, most of them from the regional area. Sabine raithel, chairman of the board, opened the meeting by explaining that for the association, cohesion consists of stable, trusting and multifaceted social relationships. One sees a positive emotional connection with the community, whose basic order is accepted as fair, and the readiness of the people to stand up for the general public and for weaker people.

Cohesion was often in demand this year when, due to the corona, half of the program had to be cancelled and various artists had to cancel their performances. However, under the motto "we never sleep," a nationally acclaimed exhibition of works by the berlin light artist susanne rottenbacher and the installation artist markus butkereit took place. On the basis of this very successful exhibition, new contacts were established with renowned galleries, which became aware of the work of the KKV.

two years after steve jobs' death: apple lives on

"Well, we already know that," ellison replied. "We have experienced apple without steve jobs." He drew a curve with his hand that led downward. "I say it openly: he is irreplaceable. … They won’t be even remotely successful now that he’s gone."

What ellison is alluding to is the period from 1985 to 1996. At that time jobs had to leave the computer manufacturer after a power struggle. Almost apple would have broken under management mistakes and the supremacy of windows pc. Jobs took the helm again just in time and made a comeback with successful products such as the imac design computer and the ipod music player. Later came the iphone phone and the ipad tablet.