Trump's ex-security adviser flynn admits to lying to fbi

Donald trump’s ex-confidant and national security adviser, michael flynn, is under indictment in the russia affair. Flynn made a confession as recently as friday to making false statements to the FBI about his russia contacts.

The indictment alleges knowing and premeditated substitution. Flynn is now cooperating with fbi special investigator robert mueller’s office.

Hufner secures fifth overall World Cup victory

At the world cup finals in paramonovo, about 80 kilometers from moscow, a second place on the day was enough for the 28-year-old to secure a permanent place in the luge history books: her overall victory number five put hufner on a par with former top luger silke kraushaar-pielach in the eternal best list.

In the doubles’ event, tobias wendl and tobias arlt missed their second overall world cup triumph by a hair’s breadth: the bavarian duo finished second behind the austrians peter penz/georg fischler. Only one day’s success was enough for the two, as the austrian world cup leaders andreas and wolfgang linger had made a big mistake and only finished sixth. But the germans missed their second overall victory after 2010/11. "At least we made it very exciting", wendl stated.

FC 06 bad kissingen – TSV-DJK wiesentheid 1:2 (0:2). Goals: 0:1, 0:2 lukas huscher (16., 30.), 1:2 fuaad kheder (79.). The curse of the 06-er in the sportpark continues, also the third home game of the season was lost. This was all the more annoying because the previously winless wiesentheider were limited in terms of play, but with his mainly wide shots from the defensive line, the FC defense repeatedly faced problems. The decisive factor in the failure of the hosts, who were coached by head of defense christian heilmann in the absence of coach mario wirth, who was on vacation, was the poor build-up to the game. In the FC midfield, christian laus worked hard but found little support from his team-mates, especially in the first half. The steigerwalder took the lead after a long shot by christian enzbrenner through their forward lukas huscher. In turn, laus prufte with a flat shot gaste-keeper jan molitor, but this remained the only noteworthy offensive action of the platzherren before the side change. The latter conceded the second goal after half an hour when they failed to stop a pass from martin seitz and huscher easily pushed the ball over the goal line. After the break, heilmann brought on two fresh attacking players in ervin gergely and fuaad kheder, but the next good opportunity came from thomas latteier’s side: after a cross from huscher, jonathan popp headed just over the crossbar. After huscher had missed another gross chance (66.), the guests were leveled with increasing playing time and were lucky that a header by ruslan zhyvka after a corner by kheder was set too high. Two minutes later, kheder scored the next goal when gergely headed the ball into the back of the gaste defense after a long pass from heilmann. But that was it with the splendor of the kurstadter, which continued through inexplicable errors in the game structure again and again brought the opponent in ball possession. The latter was only interested in securing the lead, which was also achieved with an aggressive two-fight hardness. Sbp bad kissingen: fl. Rottenberger – muller (72. L. Rottenberger), heilmann, greubel, gotz – L. Hufner (51. Gergely), laus, schmitt – zhyvka, puscas (51. Kheder), ruja.

SV riedenberg – FC thulba 1:1 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 patrick barthelmes (10., penalty), 1:1 lorenz heim (76.).

Suspected burglary gang: witness almost gets himself caught

Who owns the blue mercedes? The one that one of the accused is said to have financed by stolen goods? The car in which some of the accused were sitting when the police tracked them down? At the beginning of the trial, no one suspected that the question about the owner of the car would prompt a young man to take the stand, who almost got himself caught. In the end, only his family ties saved him.

"Relatives" was the keyword of this day: in the hall of the bamberger landgericht there were not many seats left in the audience area – wives, cohabitants, mother, father, children and acquaintances of the nine defendants had traveled from hungary to be present. The trial of the suspected burglary gang is slowly drawing to a close.

Parcel shippers turn the price screw

Sending parcels in germany is becoming more expensive. The german post office raises to 1. January postage for parcels weighing up to 5 kilograms that private customers have franked at a branch office. The price increases by 50 cents to 7.49 euros, announced DHL package.

Parcels up to 5 kilograms franked online continue to cost 5.99 euros. All other prizes also remain unchanged. The last price increase for 5-kilo packages was in 2014.

Sebastian kotschenreuther:

It should be a nice trip with his family. But already the beginning clouded the day. Sebastian kotschenreuther, his wife and their daughter wanted to have a nice day in lichtenfels. "I actually love riding the train", says sebastian kotschenreuther. It started at the station in kronach. A mistake. "My wife had to heave the little girl's baby carriage and my wheelchair up the stairs. I then tried somehow to get up with my crutches", says sebastian kotschenreuther. Neufanger can walk a few meters with his crutches. For longer distances he then needs the wheelchair.

"What's the point of the voucher from the pension office that allows me, as a wheelchair user, to ride regional trains and regional express trains for free if I can't get to the track??", the young father of a family has been asking himself for a long time. Sebastian kotschenreuther cannot understand why deutsche bahn (DB) does not act at the station of a district town like kronach.

Glaciers lose 335 billion tons of ice a year

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from zurich who evaluated satellite measurements and on-site observations. This means that the ice loss for all mountain regions can be estimated back to the 1960s, writes the team around michael zemp of the university of zurich in the scientific journal "nature". The data show that the annual loss of glacier mass worldwide has increased significantly over the past 30 years.

"Worldwide, we are currently losing about three times the remaining glacier volume of the european alps. And this is happening every year," says glaciologist zemp. Glaciers currently contribute 25 to 30 percent of global sea level rise, he says. Another cause is that ocean water is increasing in volume as the oceans warm.

Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

In the discussion about the wish of a house owner in the moat to create parking spaces in front of his property, paul is now also quick to speak up. The manager of weka refers primarily to a statement by the district administration in which it declared that the listed ensemble in the moat would be disturbed by the department store (FT of 10 august). August, page 17).

"I did not want to get involved in this obvious official confusion. However, I would like to reject the assertion of the district office that the weka building is to blame for the fact that in the area of the disputed parking lot or the ditch, there is no beer brewing. There is no longer any ensemble worthy of note to protect. This ensemble did not exist before weka or did not exist anymore. The only noteworthy product was the ‘golden wagon’. It burned down during the second world war."

"This day is for us a great day of joy and at the same time the first visit of a chief shepherd of bamberg after the consecration of the church", declared in thurnau pastor thomas wagner, who also warmly welcomed the evangelic dean hans hager. "Joy, as the bible says, is what the bishop should bring when he comes to the parishes. I hope that we can do the same today", replied ludwig schick.

The archbishop made it clear that he wants to visit all the churches and chapels in the archdiocese of bamberg step by step, regardless of the jubilees. There are 800 of them, at the moment schick has visited almost 600: "but the most important thing is to visit the people who belong to it, the christians and of course the non christians as well." The goal, according to the archbishop, is to give thanks, to reflect and to give encouragement.

Morocco: eu court overturns decisions in western sahara dispute

EU must amend agreement with morocco after european union court rules that "consent of the people of western sahara" is lacking.

As the court announced on wednesday, decisions in the areas of agriculture and fisheries of the EU council of ministers with morocco are void. Western sahara was a spanish colony until 1975 and was annexed by morocco after the withdrawal of the spanish, but this is not recognized by most states.