Oldest person in europe dies in spain at the age of 116

Probably the oldest person in europe is dead: spanish ana vela rubio died on friday at the age of 116 in a retirement home in barcelona, spanish media reported.

The one on 29. October 1901 in andalusia was the oldest resident in europe and the third-oldest person in the world, according to the international "gerontology research group" (GRG). The list continues on 4. August 1900 born japanese nabi tajima on.

Basf breakdown with consequences for the coburg region as well

BASF in ludwigshafen apparently shipped contaminated base material for foam production due to a production error. One of the companies affected is veenendaal, which also has a branch in lichtenfels and supplies foam from there to many upholstered furniture companies in the region. For safety reasons, therefore, production at veenendaal has been suspended since 6. October the production.

On wednesday, the upholstered furniture company W. Schillig with a press release to the public. It says that on 10. October by an upstream supplier about "possible irregularities in foam production has been informed. In concrete terms, it has emerged that the proportion of dichlorobenzene (DCB) in the production of a basic material for foam has been reduced as a result of an error at BASF in the period from 25 to 30 june 2009. August until 29. September had been raised. "Whether or to what extent the products of W. Schillig are affected, is not yet foreseeable at this point in time due to a lack of information from the foam producers who use the basic material", according to the press release. The company W. Schillig is in close contact with its foam suppliers, who are "under high pressure to carry out the necessary tests", according to a press release were carried out. As the company W. Schillig puts the health of its customers first, it has also commissioned its own tests in collaboration with the german society for materials science (DGM). Results were not yet available, however, as it heibt.

Updated infection control regulations allow, as of today, the reopening of stores and department stores whose sales areas do not exceed 800 square meters and whose operators ensure further appropriate mantraining to avoid infection with covid-19.

What sounds so nuchtern is an enormous existential relief for all the shop owners and traders who had to stay closed for weeks on end. This is also the case for the employees and clients of the kreislauf-kaufhauser in herzogenaurach, eckental, bamberg and neustadt. Hochstadt is still excluded from the opening, as the sales area exceeds the 800 mark, the operators of the therapy facility laufer muhle announce.

How to get through the heat wave in good shape

Finally! Some people who can’t get enough of the summer heat rejoice. Please do not! So say the others who were also satisfied with 25 degrees. If you are wondering how to get through the announced heat wave, you will find a few tips below. What and how much to drink on hot days? The german society for nutrition and the consumer center of bavaria recommend drinking 1.5 to two liters a day and double that amount in hot weather.

The best way to start the morning is with a coarse glass of tap water to compensate for the night sweats. Then drink regularly throughout the day, because the liquid cannot be stored.

The organizations "doctors without borders" and "doctors of the world" are fighting against a patent on an expensive hepatitis C drug.

They have filed an opposition with the european patent office in munich against a patent on the active ingredient sofosbuvir from the u.S. Pharmaceutical company gilead. This thursday and friday, negotiations are to take place in munich. Protests with other organizations are planned for thursday in front of the patent office.