george clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

Hollywood star george clooney (58) has never made a secret of regretting his role as batman more than 20 years ago – he even warned one of his successors.

"I talked to him about it. I said, ‘don’t do it,’" clooney recalled monday (local time) on the "hollywood reporter" podcast of a conversation with ben affleck (46). The latter took on the role of the superhero in 2016 for a total of three films.

Fund-raising campaign: golden clapper 'silvering' the hat

Norbert neugebauer singing and playing for a good cause is twice as much fun in a happy atmosphere. 550 euros were therefore raised by the voluntary contributions of the 120 or so guests at the 18. Wirtshaussingen of the nordhalben branch of the frankenwaldverein in the barnyard of the "christoph" inn for the "1000 hearts for kronach" campaign.

"But the money goes back to your people", promised initiator gerhard burkert-mazur, who accepted the collection from the hat he passed around with heartfelt thanks. He also pointed out the rough gala in favor of the needy burgers in the rodachtal, which took place on 19. November will take place in the marktrodach event hall.

clear system does not run 'round' yet

According to the current state of knowledge, the necessary improvements to the clarification plant in junkersdorf have been completed, said chairman wolfram thein and chamberlain arno welz, who also explained the budget for 2018, at the meeting of the wastewater association (AZV) mittlerer weisachgrund on wednesday in the town hall in maroldsweisach.
According to welz, the AZV’s main income for 2018 will come from the user fee of 68,000 euros in the administrative budget and from the connection fees of 2,000 euros in the property budget. Welz frowned and estimated the transfer from the administrative budget to the property budget at 75 euros: if nothing changed, this could lead to a fee increase.
For the clear plant junkersdorf had long been invoices in the amount of 42 650 euros, said the chamberer. "The money is there, but we will not pay the bills until the necessary bank guarantees are in place."
"All round" the plant is apparently still not running, as association chairman thein, chamberlain welz and klarwarter kurt schleicher conceded. "We still hope to get to grips with this", schleicher was confident, however.
The members of the association were pleased to learn that the loan of 130,000 euros taken out in 2016 has been repaid in full. "For the last improvement decrease the sum of 63 000 euro is estimated as the last rate of the contribution rest payment", according to welz.
Association member nikolaus schober suggested deducting from the architect’s bill the costs he incurred for investigations. "He didn’t know what to do and went for help. That’s his business and he has to bear the financial burden", said schober. Chairman wolfram thein agreed to a follow-up review.
Then the budget of AZV was approved with a total volume of 195,525 euros. 68,750 euros for the administrative budget and 126,775 euros for the property budget.
The problems with the clear system had "settled down", said wolfram thein. The idea is to hold an "open door day" at the plant when everything is finished.
It should be considered whether a photovoltaic system should be installed on the clear plant to generate electricity, suggested nikolaus schober. Thein said that it was necessary to wait and see how much electricity would be needed for the new clearing system. "The clearing system is pumped 24 hours a day", explained kurt schleicher. 750 cubic meters of water were currently pumped through the plant in 24 hours. Shutting down the plant was out of the question, as it would otherwise not function.

How long the sign directly in front of the entrance to the "brewery by the lake" remained in place? In thulba already stands, the employee can also not say, but so far she has never noticed that the actual kernstuck is not used at all. A reader of this newspaper, on the other hand, has long wondered why the showcase in the center has remained empty for years. When asked, the brewery replied: "we could use the field, but we didn’t know that, and we don’t have a key yet." The leaseholders now want information either directly about the brewery or about the "wurzburger haus", which is also leased complete. One of several surprising turns of our inquiry.

Sign meanwhile hung

The issue was raised by incorrect signage in bad kissingen: even years after the tourist information center moved into the arkaden building, visitors were still being steered in the direction of the old town hall. "The sign at the rosengarten was corrected after their article and now points in the right direction", says silvia happ from the city of bad kissingen on inquiry. As a result, a reader sent us photos of the parking lot on the former B 27 in the middle of the neuwirtshauser forest: there, under the white "P", a sign is displayed a black "i" on a blue background information to. However, there is only one sign in the parking lot: the "frankens saalestuck" sign – without further explanation. According to the state building authority, the sign was there "until some time ago" an overview map. "We will now find out whether or when the information board will be reinstalled and, if necessary, remove the parking sign, informs the building authority.

Wurzburg sting receives its own chronicle

This book marks the start of the anniversary year: in short, rainer adam presents his chronicle of the wurzburg winery "stachel," which he researched for more than two years. In spring, the oldest wine house in the cathedral city celebrates its 600th birthday. Birthday. "There is a certificate from 7. April 1413", tells adam. According to this document, the butcher hanns rehlein, together with his wife and landlady margarethe, bought the property on which the "stachel" was built today stands.

As the document further mentions, rehlein paid 200 rhenish gulden for it. But the property, which he now ran as an inn, was already old at that time. The romanesque double gate to the inner courtyard was already built around 1200. In the wurzburg fief book, the property appeared around 1310 as "hinterer gressenhof a hundred years later, the name "viertelhof" is found. Taxes and duties were paid here. In the peasants' war the "sting" was meeting place for rebellious burghers and farmers. The name "sting allegedly from this time. A hung-out stachel, also known as a "morning star called, should have marked the headquarters.

The master plan for the further expansion of the data highway in the area of the municipality of neuenmarkt was presented at the most recent meeting of the municipal council. The long-term goal is clearly defined: fiber to every home.

Mayor siegfried decker (NG) made it clear that the municipality had "invested a lot of money in high-speed internet in recent years" through the bavarian demand program had. Around 150 households have been converted to fiber optics, primarily in the home area. "As a result, we can offer 500 megabits at our association school, for example. That’s what we need to set up digital classrooms, because that wasn’t possible with copper technology", according to decker.

Excursion to two pilgrimage destinations in france

The "summer trip the kirchehrenbach senior citizens’ group took a trip to maria limbach and zeil am main. After arrival, the pilgrimage chaplain, pastor ottmar pottler, buried the participants and gave an insight into the magnificent pilgrimage church "maria heimsuchung, the last work of baltasar neumann.
Reformation and war brought pilgrimage to a standstill here, too, but cures at the little fountain of grace gave it a new lease of life from 1727 onwards. Thanks to a generous donation of money from prince bishop von schonborn, who also received healing here, the new church building could be started and consecrated in 1755.
A special feature is also that the pilgrimage church of limbach has two images of the virgin mary. In the high altar there is the spat gothic mother of god from the 16th century. Century. The mother of god standing on the crescent moon with the child of jesus is surrounded by a flaming halo of rays, while the child of jesus turns towards the viewer. The second picture of grace is a serious gothic pietà, a so-called "maria-schmerz-gruppe" on the wall pillar opposite the pulpit.
Priest oliver schutz then celebrated the pilgrimage service with the group. In doing so, he directed his thoughts to the saint of the day, benedict of nursia, who is also revered as the patron saint of europe.
After a tour of the town of zeil, we went up to the zeiler kappele, where we first enjoyed the wide view of the main valley. Pastor schutz celebrated a marian devotion here. The mesnerin of the chapel, mrs. Hamm, explained with much heart blood the history of the kappele, which is also called "french lourdes" is called. The original image of grace, a copy of the passau image of mary help of christians in the left side altar, is no longer the focus of veneration. Rather, it is the much-visited lourdes grotto in a funnel-shaped side chapel.