Indian women protest rape

"We demand the death penalty for the rapists so that this never happens again," said one young demonstrator. The angry crowd wanted to march in front of the presidential palace, but police used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators. Fierce clashes broke out between protesters and police on the sidelines of the protests. Several people suffered injuries.

Police say rioters mingled with protesters. The IANS news agency reported that some 50 people were injured, including a policeman who was seriously wounded by stone-throwing. Protesters set fires and overturned cars. Groups repeatedly tried to break through barriers to the hill on which the palace and government building stand. Delhi’s head of government calls for calm.

The burden of the 'dieselgate' lawsuits

If you look at the latest car sales figures, you have to assume that VW is swimming in money. Despite "dieselgate," the company continues to deliver more vehicles.

The coffers of the car giant, which also has to finance the profound change in the industry towards e-mobility and digitalization, are well filled.

man drives at disobedient - trial for attempted murder

During an illegal car race, he allegedly hit a disobedient woman with his car. A 22-year-old man has now apologized to her in court.

"I regret this very much, i am sorry," said the man before the wurzburg district court. There he is on trial since friday. The accusation is, among other things, attempted murder.